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We are in the time of the new earth; it is forming now. Most of what we all knew in times past has been changing so drastically that we are having a hard time getting our bearings. It doesn’t matter what level you’ve been working at – “newbie” or expert – we’re all in the same situation – it’s new options in an open-ended course on universal consciousness!

I have found, from my interactions with customers coming for assistance at Crystal Life, to my own staff, to discussions with other energy practitioners, that it doesn’t much matter who you are or what level you are working at – you yourself are in a state of change, and so is everyone else. The boiling cauldron of potential energies is creating such a state of chaotic potential that none of us can any longer state that we know for sure what to do.

The message many lightworkers are receiving from their inner support system is that we are in a time of “Do it Yourself.” Our inner teams are still there – they have just asked us to “step up” our participation to another level. It’s like we’ve taken the basic courses where the teachers fed us the information – now we’re doing “independent study”!

Most of the long-time lightworkers have grasped the base concepts being worked with. Now it is our turn, as humans working on earth, to decide exactly what type of world – what frequency or resonance – we are going to hone for us all.

Part of what we are experiencing now is the confusion that can come with learning a new subject – a subject that is evolving even as we wrestle with understanding its new concepts, new frequencies, new capacities.

Only this is real world stuff, not a classroom, and we have been assigned the responsibility of choosing what consciousness will predominate on our earth as we go forward.

Right now there is a very strong pull between those energies that want us to stay locked in the old fear-based, power-over consciousness; and the energies that want us to move forward into loving, cooperative respect.

Love and respect are on the ascendant now, as our earth slowly pulls together into a global community. We are struggling to form global coalitions – people based – to create a higher standard for all. All aspects of our global society, that had once been isolated from each other, are coming into contact with each other. The ability to control and dominate an isolated small region is disappearing. Witness the global effort re the abduction of the Nigerian girls; the use of Facebook and Twitter to coordinate social change among large numbers of people formerly isolated from each other especially in dictatorship governments; the efforts of world governments to stem abuses of various types (some not so successful, yet) as society moves through the morass of rules governing interactions among people and states.

I work with the Melchizedek lineage of the Archangels Metatron, Melchizedek and Michael. They have helped me understand one way to move forward – one the resonates with my needs. They requested I share this method with others, so that it can serve the needs of others. They explained that now is the time to investigate your own inner motivations – your core intent. Wherever it is not in alignment with the highest good that you are capable at this point in your life of perceiving – move into alignment. Make the sacrifice of who you are today to become who you are able to be tomorrow. Now is the time – the very best time – to make that commitment to yourself. A time of chaos is a time of potential.

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