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We get many photo submissions of sun flares and sun on lens dust where the submitter says they were asking to see an orb, and here one is.  It always makes me sad to have to respond that they got a lovely shot of smudge…sun flare…dust…  And sometimes folks respond that they asked for the orb to appear, and it did, so it definitely is one, so there!

SunFlare 1

SunFlare 1

So here’s a story of my recent outing to Giant City, in Southern Illinois. When I saw what I got, in camera, I decided to photograph some more, so I could demonstrate to folks what is occurring. It is very important, when we are doing this type of work, to be very clear and objective.

Sun Flare 2

Sun Flare 2


I was walking the trail and came upon this absolutely lovely stairway with woods behind it, all stone and leaves, and I thought – what a wonderful photo to use for a blog on connecting to fairies. See…it could be a portal into their world. So…that was my thought process – thinking fairies. 

Then I saw that the sun was shining right above the stone lintel and I thought – wow – bring my aperture up to f20 and I bet I could get a star-burst above the portal! So I did – and the sun was so bright that it bounced off my circular polarizer lens and my walking-in-the-fall-leaves dust particles – and voila! Look at all the “orbs!”  Some in pretty rainbow colors! and in a few shots – I even got some green orbs traveling down!

Now if I were new at this, I might say – I asked for a photo of a fairy portal and look at all the fairy orbs that answered! And if someone said it is only dust – I would say no, I was thinking fairies and they came. The thought and the result were an accident, not an answer from spirit.

In this case – I adjusted my camera settings – slowed them down a bit – and tried again. Notice that the circles are in the same place. That is another dead giveaway – the “fairies” didn’t move! Not how they operate!  I also know, from experimenting with shooting into the direct light, that the light hits the camera sensors or the dust on the lens and creates these – so I’ve learned to discount certain things.  I also know that I now have a fancy full-frame Nikon D850 – and it is so wonderfully subtle that it is giving me rainbows. I also can angle into the light and get lovely bands of green circles.

So – folks – This is just to let you know that you need to practice with your camera, to see what you can make it do – and what it actually is seeing.

Here are two real orbs I have photographed. The first has a chakra rainbow surrounding a seated figure. I was taking photos of a tree at a playground and a spirit told me it would be much prettier if little boys wouldn’t pee on it! This is what came when I processed the image.Buddha Orb

The next one was taken in Mammoth Cave – the spirit asked me to photograph it, so I took a photo and you can see the spirit’s head in the orb. You want to be able to authenticate the orbs by showing the energy the orb – a real honest to goodness life form – is generating.Orb at Warrior Rock
















Bear Mound with Orbs


And lastly – Here is a photo I took at Devil’s Lake State Park in Baraboo, Wisconsin. In this case, I got a lot of sun flare (dead giveaway: always look where the sun is coming from). I angled my camera in different ways and got a lovely cascade of colors and forms…all mechanical in nature. But…that sun flare and my focusing on the energy of this tree – located on top of an ancient bear mound – also caused the energies to shift enough that my camera caught two other things. One was an orb with an ominously smiley face looking down at the mysterious image of a mustached man of the 1870s or so – the time of the founding of the park.

There is no end to the variations possible with all the new technologies available to us now! The thing is – check and double check, don’t discount what you might have photographed but always first discount every other possibility!


This is a reprint of a previously published article

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