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During 2017 the southern portion of the United States had a period of time with multiple hurricanes.  Our staff worked together to create a grid to help to provide grounding, protection, for the individuals affected by the storm, and for clear communication among those involved. These stones also help heal Mother Earth. We placed the map over the area where hurricanes have been hitting and brewing in order to have the energy directly effect the area in a more efficient manner. This grid can be recreated for any part of the world being affected by severe storms. 

2017 Hurricane Season Grid

Aragonite: One of the most effective earth healing crystals, brown aragonite grounds and stabilizes the earth’s energy. Transforms geopathic stress and unblocks ley lines.

Dark Smokey Quartz: Relieves stress, creates a safe space in the stress, and helps with communication during the stressful time. 

Lake Superior Agate: Brings a water quality to the grid that also is grounding and helps to positively manifest a positive outcome.

Brown Tourmaline: Another grounding stone, it encourages community spirit and social commitment to positive outcome. 

Rhodochrosite with pyrite: Grounding energy that also provides loving, healing energy to any traumas. 

Blue Kyanite: Clears, aligns, and heals meridians, both human and earth. 

Quartz Laser Points: Cohesively energizes the grids purpose while sharpening the focus. 

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