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Lake Superior Agate


Lake Superior Agate is especially useful for people seeking to establish their own personal sense of self, and self worth. It is especially good when you are making, or need to make, significant changes in your personal life. It helps these changes to be properly suffused with spiritual awareness.



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Lake Superior Agate

Lake Superior Agate also has all the properties of other agates: grounding, balance, and steadfastness. It comes from a 1 1/2 million year old volcanic strew that travelled through from Lake Superior into Iowa, and traveled about via the inland lake that once covered this area.

Lake Superior Agate is a very grounding stone, which also has calming, peaceful energy, much like the lake. 

Fun Fact: There are many beaches along Lake Superior in which finding pieces of agate is very easy. These are known as “agate beaches.” 

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