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Mother NatureI was recently asked which stones would connect one to Mother Nature or to The Earth Mother. Both terms being correct when connecting with this Goddess, the answer would be any stone, or mineral that is found in nature. Any of these would be representative of Mother Earth. This is a very broad statement which we will attempt to narrow down as we move along.

Let us, however, define Goddess in terms of the Mother Nature aspect. From the aspect of ancient man, the term implying male and female, Goddess was a vital link to connecting with the earth itself. She was the one who provided the necessary sustainability to her children. She was called upon for shelter, food (both animal and vegetable ),healing herbs, water, clothing and all other life support necessary within each season of the year. It was the Great Mother who brought new life into the fold by the propagation of plant, animal and human life.

The name Mother Nature being inclusive of her many aspects is, however, limiting within the names by which Goddess is called. The Egyptian creatrix Goddess is said to have 10,000 names by which she is called and may be invoked. This implies that when we call to the Mother we may have different needs (names) by which we may call her. How many “Goddesses” are we addressing here? One, who may be called upon cross culturally with many names, each specifying a different need.

We cannot cover every aspect of the Goddess in this blog, however, let us look at several cultures calling upon her.

Egypt called her Isis, Hator, Neith to name a few. The Sumerians called her Innana. The peoples of India called her Prakriti, Maha Deva, Kali. Tibet called her Tara. Many Native Americans call her Tara. Among the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian traditions she has been known as Sophia (wisdom). You see that our space is limited in naming Goddess in any of her manifestations, let us then move on to answer the original question.

Which stones would connect one to Mother earth, or Mother Nature? All crystals and gemstones, or stones in general will assist in connecting one to her. Some will connect with the earthy and earth related energies, others will work with specific problems related to the earth.

Fairy Stone - Canadian - Large

Fairy Stone

Here is a list that will directly connect you to Mother Nature (Gaia). They will assist you in invoking her presence in your meditation and journey work.

Picture Jasper : Connects to the Mother through pictures on the stone, activates altered states.

Larimar This offers a deep entrance into the connective energies of the Goddess, how to work with them.

Isis Quartz:  Isis assist with emotional and protective energies.  Is excellent in earth healing.

Calcite Fairy Stone: Provides the Mothers nurturing energies.

Flint: Helps bring one to the place of wise femininity, the place of the priestess, as well as to the Greenman mysteries.

Lemurian Jade – Helps in restoring balance to the earth and nature  through connecting with the Mother.

Prasiolite:  Provides deep grounding within the Father-Mother energies.

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