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When the same type of nature spirit keeps making its appearance, and you locate images of him/her, you can start your personal cataloging.

Julie Kopitko Weeden Heart 1006 adj

Masked nature spirit by Julie Kopitko Weeden

Battle with the wood elves - close up

Battle with the Wood Elves by Atala Toy

We have a wonderful naturally-evolved field study going on at our Nature Spirit Community on Facebook. We get to see, posted by many people, photographs they have personally taken of life forms of other realms.

The Significance of Our Nature Spirit Community

Do you realize the historical significance of our Nature Spirit community? For thousands of years people have talked about the existence of nature spirits. But we have not been able to “prove it” to non-believers or wanna-be believers. Artists have drawn what they have seen – and then some observers say that is only a good imagination. Now, the ability to take a non-manipulated photograph of a nature being – that is a whole new ballgame!

(If you have the talent, a next step would be to take a photograph and then draw the nature spirit and place them next to each other. This further helps clarify the shape of these subtle beings who live in worlds parallel to our own.)

Each of us has affinities for certain types of energy. I have been enjoying seeing how members of our community resonate with specific types of nature energies who they then are inclined to photograph. Sharing these images, and other members studying them, extends all our abilities to recognize authentically different life forms. The next step is learning to communicate with these life forms, to hear their story.  The stories will be singular, like the beings themselves, but also common to their particular nature spirit genre.

Recording the Presence of the Masked Man

Up above is a wonderful similarity I came upon. That is the Masked Man. This type of energy – the masked man – reappears throughout our literature – the Lone Ranger, Batman, Zorro… A hero to some, an enemy to others. The beings above look remarkably like Batman – masked and hooded with pointed ears. The being on the left above was photographed by myself, several years ago in Florida. The being on the right was photographed in Ohio 2019 by Julie Kopitko Weeden. She submitted him for our October heart photo challenge. These two photos show the same type of being but their stories, like those of humans, differ vastly.

The photo I took was of a masked nature spirit under attack from other nature spirits. I wrote about him in a blog, “Battle with the Wood Elves.” This being lives in a tree bordering a land baron’s magnificent southern USA lawn. The masked man’s face is the same shape as the part of the everglades that the land baron had carved out to be a grand lawn leading to an gorgeous ocean view. The masked being is the presiding nature deity of that area. He was the hero of the land baron’s world. That land baron clearly loved his home and cared for it.

The Masked Man V the Wood Elves

BUT….this land development brought the masked man into a battle with the elven people whose home has always been the everglades themselves. They endured the land baron gradually extending his cultivated lawn. Finally, though, the elves felt the need to protect their own territory and stop any further encroachments.. It was a classic situation of natural habitat v aesthetic development – both sides having their champions.The nature kingdom does their work energetically. In this case, the elves went to battle with the nature energy in charge of the land baron’s cultivated property – the Masked Man. The Masked Man was bravely holding onto his territory. The elves, however, were clearly dealing him energetically damaging blows as they struggled to protect their land. (Look at the images below to see how the masked man is dripping tree sap blood from an eye and his mouth.)

Another record keeping process I do is take photographs of a nature spirit at different times, different distances and different viewing points. This helps put the nature spirit in context. It is also a way to show I haven’t manipulated the image. Here is the same nature spirit mid-distance, showing he is the guardian spirit of a portal – in this case the land baron’s world. (The portal can be seen rising from the tree base and culminating at the Masked Man – also known as a tree door). The long view shows the Masked Man’s position as the dividing line between everglades and cultivated land, and how the elves are pushing him away – note the angle of the tree.
















The Masked Man as a Friend to All

The other photo, at the top of this story, is of a happy, loving Masked Man. He is guardian of a property owned by a man loved by his neighbors and whose property is the local school bus pickup stop. This story appears in our blog about our October Heart Challenge winner & finalists. (Note: I adjusted the photograph color to natural.)

My Findings

So, I am now on my way to understanding the nature of a being who has intrigued me for some years now. It appears the Masked Man is a life form who communicates with humans, in disguise. He energetically works with property owners to establish order to a piece of property. In this occurrence, sometimes he is welcomed by nature and man as a hero, and in others he is the enemy. Just like Batman, the Lone Ranger and Zorro!

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