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Shelia Hunt heart 1003

Shelia Hunt’s winning heart photo – “A Spoonful of Sugar”

Shelia Hunt’s fun photo “A Spoonful of Sugar,” and the story that goes with it, is the winner of our October Nature Spirits Photo Challenge. Shelia tells us: This heart was found on a birch tree with two of my grandchildren while on a hike. We call it ” a Spoonful of Love ” !!

Shelia sent us several heart photos – she tells us she likes to collect hearts in nature. This particular photo won because of its uniqueness. It’s not often we find nature combining different mediums – tree trunk and lichen. Sheila and her grandchildren were on a happy walk together, and discovered a lovely macro image designed by nature and recording its own happiness. A wonderful sharing of happy! The technical excellence of the image was also a winning factor. It is a nice clear photo featuring the subject. The image is well balanced, artistically cropped, sharp and has accurate color.

Shelia’s image graces the cover of our Nature Spirits Group page on Facebook and she wins a $50 gift certificate to crystal-life.com

Julie Kopitko Weeden  - School Stop Heart

Julie Kopitko Weeden – School Stop Heart

We received a lot of heart images that were excellent and their stories poignant.  Many thanks to all in our community who shared! This challenge resulted in a lot of wonderful stories of how spirit offers love, compassion, happiness and encouragement to the world, and when we seek to feel this love, we need to know we are loved, or we are just happily being love – we connect to this universal force.

Here are some of the finalist heart images.

Julie Kopikto Weeden sent a smiling heart face. She tells us: Found this where the school bus collects and drops off our kids, it is also the neighborhood watering hole where you’ll find drinks, desserts and good company at the end of a long week. And the property of our Mexican neighbor, a cardiologist that is lively and energetic, especially in the early hours of the morning when most of us are still waking up with a large mug of coffee. It is here where I noticed a friendly, warm hug of the open heart upon their tree, when I first saw it I giggled because it completely embodies their personalities. Opening the heart increases compassion and connection to people and situations, and as my neighbors say “mi casa es tu casa” make yourself at home, my house is your house. ♡

Dawn Tarr-Scott heart 1001

Dawn Tarr-Scott – Burial heart at cat grave



We liked this heart posted by Dawn Tarr-Scott. She tells us: This Heart showed up where my two cats were buried. ❤️  We liked this because  the heart also looks like angel wings and inside the heart is an image of a cat – a compassionate comment by the tree spirit on this situation.



There were three cloud hearts that made the finals as well.

Lynette Dubovik - heart cloud

Lynette Dubovik – heart cloud






Lynette Dubovik sent us a heart cloud that is also a smiling face.

Christine Menolascino - Heart

Christine Menolascino – Heart




Christine Menolascino tells us: This image of a heart shaped sun peeking through the clouds, was taken after a wonderful trip w/my boyfriend to IL Beach State Park, while stopped at a light. (It couldn’t have been more fitting to capture this; he is someone that reconnected with me after 30yrs)💞


Julie Kopitko Weeden Heart Cloud 1002

Julie Kopitko Weeden Heart Cloud

Julie Kopitko Weeden sent us a cloud heart and tells us: This heart was beaming down on our travels to a weekend gettaway to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary 6 weeks back. I see beauty in everything and like to think that when the world shows me a heart that it is reflecting back and acknowledging what I see.
Hearts are also my affirmations that I am following my heart, living in my truth and those that have transitioned to the other side are with me. 💗

If you would like to join our Nature Spirit photo community, come on over to Facebook and ask to join. We are a group of like-minded folk who believe there are many kinds of life forms in the universe. We share our individual pictorial experiences of nature spirits and spirit guides communicating with us, or communicating about itself, through visual images it crafts into the natural world. 

Our November photo challenge is to share a special message from nature that you’ve received or observed. You share your image in our community – and a winner and finalists are chosen and displayed in December.

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