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I spent many years learning the fine points of instrument dowsing and testing for geopathic fields in an architectural space.  And then, one day while on a land clearing job up in Crystal Lake, Illinois, I had a spontaneous experience that shifted me from working with external implements to working with internal information. Here’s what happened:

old time dowsingWhen I work with a client, we discuss the situation that they want resolved and then I walk the property alone, to dowse out the major factors that need to be dealt with. Most of the situations I had encountered to date could be diagnosed externally by dowsing the intensity of the field or even by using electronic instruments such as tri-field meters. Then I would apply standard dowsing remedies such as hammering in iron or copper rods at key locations, placing paramagnetic stones or resonant ceramic catalysts in the environment, projecting geometric images and frequencies, or simply moving beds and chairs to other locations.

However, this time, in Crystal Lake, almost all of the major pollutants were present along with quite a few unhappy nature spirits. That was because the developer of this site had drained a lot of marsh land, turned one area into a small pond and built houses on the rest of the land. As in all such locations, there was that awful silence that comes when thousands of years of nature spirits are dislocated in one fell excavating swoop.

I stood by myself in the side yard, pondering what to do to help the home owner, Anna, resolve her issues. She had the neighborhood transformer standing boldly in her front yard, she had a corner lot in the curve of a Y intersection of three streets, she had a line of dead growth through her hedge, there was a small cluster of marsh grass overwhelmed with marsh grass elementals all huddled like refugees from a prolonged war, she had nature spirits huddled in her dining room because the developer had built over the portal to their realm while the spirits were in this dimension and they could not find a way home. And on and on the list went…no wonder the poor lady had trouble sleeping and saw things moving out of the corners of her eyes!

This was not a situation in which I could use only one implement to resolve the situation or one in which I could recommend the occupants wear protective devices. They could use ALL of the above and still it would not solve the issues.

I silently questioned myself, “What am I going to do?”

Suddenly I heard a collective voice very clearly speaking to me from no visible location:

“Why don’t you ask us?”

“Excuse me, what did you say?” I replied in shocked surprise.

“Ask us what to do about the situation. We’d be happy to help you.”

“Whoa,” I said, for this had never occurred to me before: communicating consciously with the spirits of the land. “How is that going to help?”

And then the dialog began in earnest. Each group of life forms came forward, in a polite and orderly fashion, and diagnosed the cause and remedy for their particular situation. All these life forms were very much alive, conscious and eager to work with a human who could understand them (me) to resolve the problems besetting both themselves and the very nice homeowner. They spoke respectfully of her, explaining she was a good person, she just was not listening to them.

So, together, the overlighting deva of the area, the homeowner and I sat in the living room of the home and moved into the same energetic space – an advanced form of internal dowsing.

Then we began moving around the property, listening carefully as the life forms requested assistance of us. Anna was a good person and very receptive to nature. She identified with my consciousness very quickly, and from that point of view was very soon hearing the nature spirits as well. This is a common method for transferring information among energy workers: identification with the field enables a person to enter into the field and experience it for him/her self. Once this occurs, the person is able to also work in that energy dimension.

So the nature spirits were now communicating with both Anna and myself. Their requests including asking Anna to move a statue from the living room vortex she had unconsciously obstructed. We helped the nature spirits in the dining room return to their own world by locating another portal vortex point outside the house and opening it up as a gateway. We dialogued with the transformer, asking it to share its frequency with the other life forms in its environment instead of being a bully and seeking to occupy the full breadth of the frequency for itself. We asked a ley line to alter its frequency as it passed through the house. Anna promised to plant some more marsh grass for the elemental refugees to spread out.

As we resolved one issue after another, Anna and I could feel distinct shifts occurring as the affected life forms received relief. By the end of the session, Anna was solidly communicating with the spirits on her own and in a follow up call was very excited about the on-going communication with the ever-happier marsh grass spirits who were spreading out as she planted numerous clumps of grass around her property.

Anna learned to be a true steward of her land and I went on to my next dowsers’ land clearing adventure…

(Note: Atala is no longer accepting clients, due to a lack of time. However, if you need assistance in this matter, we recommend you contact the American Society of Dowsers – dowsers.org they have a roster of professional dowsers.)

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