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Dowsing to understand the nature of so-called negative energies on a piece of property can lead to some surprising insights. When a client calls me in because they are having problems with the energy on their land, we discuss what they perceive to be the situation. Then I walk around myself and listen to what the land has to say. There is often some energy imbalance that has been perpetrated by the unwitting interference of some human process; nature itself has a wonderful way of balancing its own domain.

Common Misconceptions

Roses – One of the highest frequency flowers – combines both beauty and thorns – light and dark, like most situations in life

In our Western society, one situation I often see comes from an insistence that everything on the property has to be “good” and anything negative must be “destroyed.” The property owner’s pursuit of this, such as leveling sinkholes or fertilizing areas where grass won’t grow, is actually causing imbalance. They have pitted themselves in an unconscious battle with the nature forces of that piece of property. These forces are struggling to retain the health of the area in spite of human interference.

Once I show the homeowner how they are mis-perceiving the situation and show them how to connect with the energies of their property, they are very willing and ready to work in harmony with the nature spirits and always report back about remarkable beneficial changes. Believing they need to convert a negative frequency into a positive one is a common error among many good people. For example, a spiritual retreat center had built a ceremonial fire pit at the back of their lot. Nearby was a large patch of wild raspberry that really annoyed them. The retreat owners didn’t like the energy, and were thinking of ripping the bushes out. They wanted everything to be “spiritual” in that space.

Briar Bushes and Thorny Plants

Briar bushes and other such thorny plants gravitate to and do well in areas of negative energy. They can be extremely useful devices for keeping the energy of a property clear and balanced. In this case, the energetic conflict between the owners and the bushes was clogging up the effectiveness of this area. I am, most of the time, a full-body deviceless dowser—or, in other terms, an interdimensional communicator.

I use internal dowsing techniques to locate the frequency I am seeking. Once there, I use internal dowsing techniques to locate the band on which the life forms wish to communicate. Then we enter into a discussion of the situation and confer on what can be done. In this situation, the briar bushes were complaining about the landowners. The bushes were being energy blocked and thus could not perform their duty—eating the negative energies of the area. This was especially significant because so many seekers were coming to the area, seeking to release their own issues to make spiritual progress. There were some still undigested negative issues floating about the area from a recent ceremony at the full moon a few nights before! I explained the complaint to the owners. Once they understood the situation, they were more than willing to adjust their perceptions, and to value this area.

This area would be a strong asset to their spiritual purpose if it had a good supply of negative energy to nourish it. There was plenty of this food being released at every one of their energy-infusing ceremonies!! So the three of us worked together with the bushes to create an energy structure that would funnel the negative energy released during ceremony or meditative contemplation into the bushes. Both the bushes and the area itself thrived and the air became sparkling clear, just as the owners wished. Briar bushes are excellent areas for “catching” negative frequencies and clearing them from the environment.

An Exit Route

Once a group of energy workers—two friends and myself—were on a woodland walk. We passed an area where the ghost of a murdered Mafioso hung out, waiting for the return of his “friend” who had performed his contract murder. So he had a lot of bitterness, which we explained to him was senseless as he had died over fifty years before and the “friend” was by now also dead. During this period, he also had been changing for he had been looking after a little girl ghost in that vicinity.

Through this heart-offered care, he had earned enough “good karma points” to be able to go to the light. But he told us he would not go unless he could take the child as well—perhaps this was his last test—and she was off playing somewhere else. My friends shrugged and continued their walk, but I had lingered behind and the Mafioso approached me, the little girl now with him, and ready to transition. He indicated the appropriate place would be a briar patch. We saw that the energies there were compatible with his—negative with negative—and the transition was easily made.

Sinkholes Other under-utilized negative land forms are the round sinkhole depressions present on many properties in the Great Lakes prairie area where I now live. The water table is very close to the surface here. The pull from earth shifts, and underground streams often cause depressions in the surface land. These sinkholes are similar to the briar bushes in their ability to eat negative energy. I learned about their usefulness from the nature spirits at a local preserve. It had been a hard few days. Walking through the preserve’s woods, I went up to a pine tree, placed my hands on it, and asked if it would please run some rejuvenating energy through my own energy field. A nature spirit gently communicated with me, from behind.

Right now, I was too clogged with stress for the tree to be able to help, the spirit explained. But if I would turn around, they could help me in another way. I turned and was guided to a small sinkhole. This area, the spirit explained, was a negative vortex. It had a counter-rotating field, and also a minor rotating field, that between the two loosened, then captured negative energy and pulled it down into the hole. The hole was collecting its own type of necessary food. If I would throw my stress into it, the sinkhole area would be fed and kept active and I would be cleared. Then the pine trees would have space to run their good frequencies through me. I listened, followed their instructions, and was wonderfully rejuvenated. On future trips to this space, I learned more. There were a number of sinkholes in that area, all near pine trees and operating at different frequencies. In this specific area there were three in a row, in three different sizes, each with a pine tree nearby and an ascending scale of energy removal from large, rough, and low to high and smooth like sandpaper or a higher octave of music. Moreover, in a line extending to either side of the series of three sinkholes, all trees were perfectly straight and strong, while many others in that area were curved in some manner. So the ley line energy the sinkholes were clearing affected the energies along its gridline as well.

Now, on occasion, I take a workshop to this preserve and teach others how to work with the sinkholes. Many people have sinkhole areas on their property and very often it would be more beneficial to work with this vortex than to attempt to remove it. A sinkhole area surrounded by thorny plants or a rose bush becomes doubly effective as a natural negative energy drain for that property.

sump holes

In the foreground is the largest of three sinkhole vortexes (to the left of the two pine trees), the other two decreasing in size and going into the distance on the same ley line as the straight trees at the rear.

Portals Negative energy vortexes are portals. However, a really well established portal, used for traveling between worlds, has a different energy. It is of necessity a more stable, balanced energy form, for it needs to serve as a doorway. The best portals consist of positive and negative energies in balance, the structure permanent. Some portals are cyclical and can be passed through only at particular periods of time. Some rotate between pulling in and sending out.

In new housing developments, owners sometimes feel shadowy presences in their home. When I investigate, I sometimes find the presences are nature beings who were on this side of their portal when it was bulldozed down and destroyed. They have become forlorn refugees seeking a way home. We discuss the situation, which can usually be corrected by the assistance of human intervention. We are truly the stewards of earth, capable of working in all the frequencies including the gross physical, which other life forms cannot do.

Assistance might include locating and holding stable a secondary portal nearby, sometimes guarded by other subtle life forms who need to be circumvented, or finding another potential doorway somewhere else on their grid that we can open for them to travel home.

Vortexes Negative energy vortexes are different from sluggish, overactive and chaotic energies. The function of the negative vortex is to pull energy in, while the positive vortex spins energy out. Sluggish, overactive and chaotic energies can occur internal to either the positive or negative polarity of a situation. Positive and negative vortexes can be located near each other. They can also occur in the same space, sharing or rotating dominance in a cyclical manner such as at different times of day or of year.Connected to any vortex, in some manner, is its polar opposite. This is because a vortex, like all else in our universe, is at its core a merkabah, or star tetrahedron.

A star tetrahedron consists of two polarities that spin counter to each other and keep each other clear and in motion. In any particular merkabah, one polarity may, for a time, dominate the other; the other may be invisible to the naked eye but it is always present. An example of this is a tornado. In this case, the counter-rotating negative polarity is so dominant it is destructive. If we could cap the tornado, it could be contained. On a piece of land, the same principles exist. An out-of-control vortex can be capped either by energizing its opposite within itself, or by locating the nearby area it is supposed to partner with and clearing and strengthening that one.

Spirit Portal in Cottonwood

This is a heart-shaped portal located near the alpha tree at a local park, with an inner earth heart-shaped portal at its base.


Sometimes sluggish energy is the problem. A vortex that is not functioning well is not doing its job.This can be due to many reasons, including the efforts of the property owners to change that section in some manner, or the blocking of its partner vortex (as by the placement of a house on its location). Chaotic energy can occur when a vortex is receiving mixed messages. It can occur when an area is in change itself and the new course forward is not yet set. It can also occur during a natural shift in a cyclical rhythm, when the energies in an area change, such as with the seasons or day/night or sun/moon tides.Positive chaotic periods are especially powerful in their potentials. The walls between worlds are thinnest and interdimensional travel is easy. We experience this on a daily basis, at dawn and dusk. This is changing time for the nature energies—the time when subtle forces are most easily seen and accessed. This is why, in all nature disciplines, twilight and dawn are known as the time when the nature spirits are closest to our world.

This is a reprint of one of Atala’s most popular articles. It first appeared in the Summer 2008 issue of “The American Dowser Quarterly Digest”, Volume 48, Issue No. 3. For more information on dowsing, please visit www.dowsers.org

Atala Toy has retired and sold Crystal Life Technology to new owners as of January 2021. You can reach her with questions about her articles here, and follow her new work at AtalaToy.com.

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