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During the several decades that Crystal Life has been in business, I’ve watched hundreds of colleagues come and go in their own businesses. We’ve been fortunate to stay in the field and to be successful. So…how does that occur?Crystal Life Store

An alternative business is one that is sincerely interested in providing quality services to an awakening humanity. It begins with the core sincerity of the project, and the enlisting of the appropriate energies to support the process.

So – here is one approach to consider, if you are wanting to contribute to society on a basic core level in keeping with higher sources of consciousness.

First,  your business needs to start from a core personal belief that there is a significant want in your community that is not yet being met. Then you need to call, in the realms of consciousness, for assistance from the specific energies who will assist you in this. This includes the energies/life forms who have grown the service you want to provide, also the energies who predominate in a healthy way in the community in which you want to establish your business, and also your own personal inner sources of support (angels, nature spirits, Christ, Buddha, your own higher self, your own soul’s lineage, and so on).

Then you want to sit down at an inner round table with your assembled team and discuss what type of a contract you all are going to create together. Such as you need x amount of money to maintain your existence on earth. You agree to be a spokesperson for the various parts of the assembled energies on earth, and so understand you will listen to their needs as well (such as keeping their energy strong in your business via the way you set it up physically, and what you stock it with).

You need to agree that your joint contract is always renegotiable and that your team needs to have free access to each other. This is very significant, because you are creating something new, and all parties need to confer with each other as your business grows and interacts with others (the community, your customers/clients, the larger world).

Then you need to develop trust in each other, so that you know that when your team recommends something, they are doing so from an energetic point of view – from what they are seeing is occurring in their realm of consciousness either with you or with the world at large – and any additions, corrections, omissions or deletions that are necessary for the joint success of your business. This is developed over time, and initially, with me, my team showed me how each of them were real life forms with real specialties; if they said something was in their area of expertise, I could trust it was so. We achieved these mutual trust via various “tests” the various energies set up for themselves, and then met the challenge. So I grew to know exactly what type of help to expect from each part of the team. They also knew, from experience, that I would sincerely work to meet our agreed upon objectives.spiritual assistance

There will always be times when you question the information you are receiving from your team, and their ability to foresee and assist you in your joint business. This is part of the learning process. The key point of “wobbling” on this is making sure you don’t attempt to let your own mind create solutions you want, and attempt to pass it off as instructions from the group. This often occurs when there is a lot of conflict or confusion, for various reasons, in your business at that moment. You are always going to be facing conflicts and tests; that is the nature of the world. It is how you learn to resolve these and move forward that is your own personal reward; your own personal growth into mastery of consciousness, which is really what our life on earth is all about.

Sometimes your team wants you to take a new direction that you don’t want to go in, or that you are concerned will not be met favorably by your clientele. The way my team and I have handled this, is for me to file in my consciousness what it is they are literally nagging me incessantly to attempt – and what occurs when I agree and move forward in that direction. Thus far, no matter how “way out” that request from the group, I have found that they are always right in their requests, and that it has helped us all to continue to grow a successful business/outreach. So I remember, the next time they ask, that their request succeeded many times before. Even though I may still argue the point with them – this often occurs with me :) as I do not go easily into any new project!!

The experience needed here is time and awareness as you sort out your own trickster mind wanting something, and a genuine request from your inner team. As you grow in experience in your field, you need to keep your partnership with your team intact. I have seen many people start out with inspiration, then hubris takes over, they become corrupt in their adherence to their original goals, and they can’t sustain their business…they fail, and close up shop.

My team said to tell you that determination, persistence and never, never giving up is also core to this process.

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