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We get a number of photographs that have extensive camera blur and what the photographer feels is a spirit form that has appeared.

Here’s a photograph sent to us by a participant in one of my nature spirit photography workshops. She states thus:

This picture was taken same place as the others (that I showed you on my cell phone) with the Angel. not sure if you remember it. But the quarters and archangels were called in to protect our space…..this is what came out on film…Kinda looks like a halo with 2 faces, and I seem to see “something” again standing in the same spot as the Angel in the Fall pictures taken earlier in the month!

Thank you for doing the work that you do. It gives validation to people like myself that can “feel” energy (dark/light) but can not see it.

So there are several things going on here, for nature spirit photographers to be aware of:

1. You may feel the energy very strongly – but you have to get that energy to show incontrovertibly on the photographic print.

2. When the entire image is shaking, you should be using a higher ISO or faster shutter speed, so that you can take a clear image in the dawn/twilight times when the life forms often manifest most strongly.

However – if you are photographing an image you see in a scene, and the entire scene is still but the image is “shaking,” you need to determine what is occurring.

You may want to go back to the scene and request the life form to come forward and hold still for the photograph: sometimes they are so excited to have been recognized that they vibrate even faster (that is beauty in their realm) and so their image is shaking. Instead ask them to vibrate slower (that is the visible frequency in our human realm right now) and “stand still.”

Another thing that could be occurring is that the life form (such as a ghost or an orb) was moving through your scene, or from their dimension into or out of ours, and the shutter did not open and close fast enough to stop action that movement (like a scene of an athletic field where the field is clear but the runner is blurred).

In this scene, there does appear to be a large life form at the end of the path – and I personally know there are very large nature spirits and also angels in that area – but the proof is not incontrovertible for the spirit science proof we are seeking to set up.

So my advice to photographers in a situation like this is to keep going back to that spot, and talk to the nature spirits (even if you sorta think it might all be your imagination). When you have connected in some way, take a series of photos and see, back home, what you may have photographed. The nature spirits are also invested in having their presence known, because they need help from us to preserve their area. They want to help humans to be more aware of the oneness of all life on earth. The camera, which does not have a strong emotional body, may capture what your human emotional body is not seeing. 

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This is a reprint of an older article.

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