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Cosmic Portal

Cosmic Portal

One of our Nature Spirit community posted a photo of a portal she has in her kitchen, and queried about what she had captured. One of those weighing in was Mary Sutherland, a well-known paranormal researcher, author and workshop leader who does a lot of work at the famous Burlington Vortex (Wisconsin).

I’ve known Mary for many years, and we occasionally exchange writings. So I asked her to share a more in-depth discussion of this topic, from her own writings. This material is drawn from Mary’s book Portals – Gateways to Multi-Dimensional Worlds. She shares 120 pages of information…along with many other books on the so-called paranormal. She tells us:

Ley Lines, Vortexes and Portals

Alfred Watkins coined the term ‘Ley lines’, in an attempt to define a complex network of straight lines of energy connecting ‘sacred sites’ around the world. These ley lines follow the great faults and waterways on the surface of our earth and the lines of cosmic energy in the Earth which can be detected through the use of dowsing rods. In the 1960’s three Russians continued with Watkin’s work. They discovered the Earth’s Energy Grid to be an electromagnetic field that wraps around our planet with a geometric pattern of magnetic lines of force (ley lines). It is an invisible web of energy that crisscrosses the planet, similar to the acupuncture meridians of our own body….

 As a rule, major ley lines do not cross each other, but when they do, a ‘cross is formed’ (+) and a ‘Nexus Point’ is created at its center or intersection. At this intersection, ‘rifts’ are formed, known as ‘energy eddies’ or ‘vortices’. These in turn, cause ‘tears in the fabric of our reality’, which then create ‘portals or gateways to the multi-dimensional worlds, biblically known as heavens’….

If two small ley lines crossed in a remote location, a small rift, if any, would appear. However, an area such as Stonehenge or the Burlington Vortex, that has a number of very strong major ley lines crossing it and numerous minor ones, tend to create larger and even multiple rifts. These power points are similar to electrical switches or energy transducers spreading around the planet…in the precise geometry of an ‘icosadecahedron’. The precise geometry they found caused author John Mitchell to note: “A great scientific instrument lies sprawled over the entire surface of the globe.”

How to photograph vortexes and other paranormal activities

Photography is covered in another section of Mary’s detailed exploration. She tells us:

Mary Sutherland - Portals

Mary Sutherland – Portals

Another tool that can be used to communicate is my personal favorite…the camera! Just as you would your rods or pendulum, you program it to what you want through ‘mind talk’. I personally like to photograph the invisible world and the entities that live within. Brad likes to use his camera to photograph faeries, angels, orbs and spirits. So you ‘mind talk’ to your camera and tell it what you want…

What is ‘mind talk you ask? It is just a simple matter of ‘thinking what you want’, a form of ‘quantum language’. First you have to recognize the ‘fact’ that ‘everything has its own intelligence with conscious awareness’. We have been taught since childhood that we are superior over everything, because we have the ability to communicate with one another, but this is not true. Everything – and I mean everything – is consciously aware and communicates back and forth with each other…in this dimension as well as the others.

Because we bought into this deception, we created a wall, shutting ourselves out from communicating and understanding everything around us. When you finally become aware of the intelligence of ‘all there is’, a whole new world opens up to you. You begin hearing the old stories from the rocks and the trees. You feel their happiness and their sorrow. You hear the shared stories as the trees speak to the elementals and understand the messages sent to you in the wind.

You also gain a new respect for the camera you hold in your hand. No longer is it just an inanimate instrument used to photograph memories of family get-togethers or of nature walks. With this new respect and understanding, you will now start bonding with the camera. In the bonding process, the camera becomes a friend or a companion that understands your thoughts and shares information with you. This may not happen overnight, but it will happen. Tarot card readers, rod and pendulum users understand the significance behind the bonding process and put their instruments under their pillow at night to hasten the process. The bonding process is no different with your camera, except you don’t need to sleep with the camera under your pillow. You must not only ‘believe’ in your camera’s ability and ‘trust’ it to provide you with the photographs you desire, but you ‘must believe in yourself’. I don’t know how many times I have heard people come up to me and say “I just can’t get the pictures you get…What am I doing wrong?” My answer to this is ‘always’ the same… ‘You don’t believe in yourself!’

Send us your own earth energy photos!

I hope you enjoyed this exploration of some of Mary’s knowledge about portals and cameras. Those of you who belong to our private community – please give Mary a shout out for contributing to our understandings.

And those of you who don’t belong to our group – head on over and join! Post your own photos!

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