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DB: I received a message today that I need to learn how to create portals. I’m not sure about this, even where to begin and when I mentioned why do I need to know this “that doesn’t matter now, just learn”.  Can you help me with this, give me direction of any sort? Anything would be welcome.

AT: Portals can occur anytime two energy lines cross, forming a potential spiral that can become a portal, and when lined up with others, a worm hole. Portals can also occur when two circles intersect, creating a vesica pisces (fish) where cross currents creates a wiggle in the energy field so one can move through.

Spirit Portal in a Cottonwood TreeAlso, when parallel lines of energy create a wiggle like the two lightning-struck trees next to each other that help with personal transformation when you pass between them. Lots of ways you can move through energy. Holes in a rock, your leprechaun just said he could put his arms together in a circle, and you could pass through into his land. Ask your friends in the nature world: they are more than able to get you started.

DB: Would opening another portal for better communication with my people work the same way?

AT: Yes, as portals are openings into another field of consciousness. They are like opening a door into another room. So, if your inner people are wanting you to go some place new, it IS actually another room inside the vast realms of consciousness that they would like you to explore. Once you go there you can learn to incorporate that level of knowledge into your everyday accessible work.

Our teams can express these concepts in different ways for us, and it would appear that they are doing so with you. You actually do this all the time, opening up portals into worlds where you can see unicorns, fairies, etc. You are just learning to do so on a conscious level, and to be in control of the process. Congrats!

Also useful for projecting into the future to a future life scenario option your team would like you to prepare for, so you can start tracking from the future back to the present and know how to proceed. Many, many possibilities for your productive use here!  Of course the future scenario has to be something you and your team are in agreement is one possibility you can work towards.


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