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Unakite helps you with change of any type: to shift perspective to understand the other person’s viewpoint, as well as to adapt to earth changes. It is an excellent buffer if you are around artificial electrical fields, such as office technology. .

Grids and plasma – two components of consciousness – are both taking a very hard hit on earth right now. In this case, the grids are the lines of energy that hold the earth in shape. Plasma are the life forms growing on the grids – in this case us! Grids are living forms of consciousness and when they are changed, or destroyed, and in large forms or amounts, it affects all else in its field of influence.

A powerful earthquake will send a ripple through its entire frequency realm or range, and even though we may be half a world away, it shakes our field of consciousness as well.

Recently, we have added to this the affect on the common consciousness when people are being bombed and killed in great numbers in some part of the world. That enters the earth grid, too, and their anguish affects others throughout the world.

It is sufficient at these times to pull in your own energy field so you are not affected, but that is not easy if you have never focused on just what is your own energy. Expert energy workers can, and probably are, securing their own energy fields so that they know precisely what energies coming at them are their own, and what is coming from other parts of the grid (earth) that is in distress.

Knowing this, they can then stand secure in themselves and send out healing and love to all parts of the earth grid that is suffering. It is so important when doing this to know that you are safe, and that it is the others in your same frequency world who need help. Otherwise, it sometimes occurs that the person identifying becomes distressed but has no idea why.

To help support your work, wearing, using and keeping unakite around is very successful. Unakite unites you with the field but keeps you in your own field at the same time; it helps you define where you stop and the other begins. It also lets you change and adapt your frequency to the new situation that has occurred, smoothing the rolling energies from the old into the new. It sends a buffering frequency out as well, enabling you to be surrounded by “fluffy” good energy that ameliorates the anxiety of the change.

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