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Truth looks different inside different energy constructions. Just look at Congress – each faction is absolutely convinced their way is the truth – but that truth looks very different depending upon who is speaking.

Some folks puzzle over “What is the truth” – how can it be so different, yet still be “the truth?”

My team of guides – the Melchizedeks – explained this situation to me many years ago. The source of the different view is the base light field energy underlying the situation – the merkaba. We call viewing energy from this perspective “sacred geometry” because this is what base light fields look like.


The construction of a merkaba can be seen as either a flower of life (the field) or as a star tetrahedron (the poles) – both shown here in overlapped view

The sacred geometry form, the merkaba, is at its base a flower of life or star tetrahedron. Let’s look at it as a star tetrahedron.

Someone has an idea – a single point of light. They go to examine the idea: it is this, it is not that. This examination sets the light form in motion – it establishes the polarities. Every time an energetic decision is made, it adds another point to the base sacred geometry form, which is then examined as “this” and “not this” and we are gradually examining a complex form of energetic interactions: a mature and developed merkaba.

As this merkaba grows in size, each of its sub-levels (this and not this) has the opportunity to develop into its own merkaba field. There can be many such merkabas housed inside the larger field – the parent merkaba – and because this is a universe of free will, each of these fields can have made decisions so significantly different from a neighboring field that while they have the same parent – they look very different.

We can look at our American political party system, and Congress, in this manner. All parts are a piece of the same parent field. But their individual decisions, made over time in response to their environment, has developed the separate parts into distinctly different energies.

My Melchizedek team explained this to me when I was pondering how there is only one source, yet so many religions insist theirs is the only true understanding of source (great spirit, God, the void, Christ, and so on) and that others are false. Some fundamentalist “visionaries” even state they know this is so because God took them to visit heaven, and they saw no one there not of their faith (be it Christian, Baptist, Muslim, etc.).

This is true, the Melchizedeks explained. The “visionary” had climbed high enough in one strand of energy to get to its source – a particular energy (e.g. the Baptist or Catholic consciousness). HOWEVER, that source is itself a strand inside a higher level merkaba – such as the Christian consciousness, in which all the sects come together in one base understanding. And that source – such as Christianity – is a strand inside a still higher level merkaba, which ends up in the one ultimate location – the all encompassing unity of the absolute source of all.

So when we are queried “what is the truth,” we need to respond “at what level?” Because the look of truth will sometimes radically change as we change our position and level of consciousness.

When we are confronted with apparent oppositions of opinion, it helps to go above the level of the current query, to the point at which the opposing sides emerged from one understanding.

Creation Mandala

This Far East form is the Creation Mandala. It shows the energy of a protected field of light as it grows in size. At the center is the star tetrahedron – form emerging from the source. It is surrounded by lotus petals and circles, signifying its continued growth. This is surrounded by a square that has a door on each side – signifying the grounded protection of the source, which one can enter or leave via any side/perspective.

The problem we are having today, around the globe, comes when one side obstinately refuses to look at a situation from any other point of view than its own; it takes what we call a “fundamentalist” stance. Our world is struggling with how to respond to this stance, when the fundamentalist wants everyone else to see it from their perspective, and is willing to destroy the entire situation if the more liberal factions – those willing to find a compromise situation – won’t surrender. The liberal energy is willing to let all opinions co-exist, but we have not yet figured out how to do so without letting the fundamentalist take over. If the fundamentalist does take over – the right to freely examine all sides is denied.

Sri Yantra

When this fundamentalist inequity starts, it sets into motion a growing inequity in the base energy fields. It is the universal energetic situation that a balanced merkaba is self-sustaining while an imbalanced merkaba can go only so far before either the other polarity reacts and seeks parity for itself – or that energy construct is destroyed altogether. This situation is depicted in the Sri Yantra – “the most honored yantra” – in which three triangles are created downwards, at which point the energy self-corrects and an opposing triangle thrusts itself up. Eventually, after much struggle, a balanced star tetrahedron emerges. All is well and true peace exists – until some part of the merkaba construct decides it wants more than its fair share of the common energy.


If you find this topic of interest, I suggest your reading my book We Are Not Alone: A Complete Guide to Interdimensional Cooperation.

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