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One concept I find is essential when working with fundamental beliefs is the matter of polarities. So I wanted to just give you a brief synopsis of this concept. It is key to the work I do, which is with the merkabah (star tetrahedron or flower of life).

Several years ago a colleague requested I give some feedback on a piece of writing he was working on. Like much of the writing of those interested in working with belief systems, he was emphasizing positive thought, but not discussing the importance of negative thought. I felt this needed to be changed because, as I explained to him:

All existence descends from the one source. All existence is the effort, or play, by source to comprehend its own capacities, and to fully manifest these.

The star tetrahedron (three dimensional Star of David) demonstrates this process. In the center is a dot (the unmanifest fullness) or nothing (the ultimate void). It then polarizes into two (or more) additional points as it self-explores any subject at all. Each pole then sub-polarizes to examine itself: this creates the structure of two triangles, or energies, facing and sometimes overlapping each other.

What this means for energy work is that we cannot get very far if we try to expand one pole, or quality, of a subject, without also expanding the polar quality: the tension between the two opposites prevents that from occurring.

Therefore, the current efforts by our culture to destroy or eliminate or remove a negative energy cannot really ever work: it will keep reappearing in another situation. We cannot REPLACE a negative energy with a positive energy. We can HARMONIZE the two energies so that they are respectful and consciously aware of each other. And from that detached harmony proceed to master the common subject from which both have emerged.

You mention the need to establish the concept of “I love myself.” However, it is not possible to replace “I hate myself” with “I love myself.” What needs to be done is to harmonize the two polarities as two aspects of a higher energy, which I suggest might be “I am a person of the light. I hold and harmonize all energies inside my light structure. I am unmoved by any polarity within the structure, permitting all to harmoniously co-exist.” And, in this instance: “My perception of myself as a being of light includes both ‘I hate myself’ and ‘I love myself.’ Neither affects my conscious connection to my source.”

In the realm of existence, it is not possible for light to exist unless there is an opposite polar pressure pulling on it to keep it stable in time and space. This function belongs to the darkness, and in this service to the source it is to be truly honored and offered gratitude. Until darkness balances light point by point in any specific phase of descent/ascent, the source itself cannot make further progress in its own expansion of self-awareness and self-perfection.

Atala Toy - We Are Not AloneIf this concept is of interest to you, check out my book We Are Not Alone, which extensively explores the merkabah.

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