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Should you want to photograph nature spirits, the first step is to offer to be of service to the nature world. Then when you set out to do your photography, pause at the start of the nature area and respectfully inwardly bow to the nature spirits of the site. Let them know that you would like to be of service, to take a photograph of anything they would like to share with humans. Your intent carries your request to the spirits. Then, as you go for your walk, be very aware of any energy that is calling you to come see/visit. If you feel the energy wants you to photograph something, even if you can’t see it, do so. Humans often can’t see into the subtle nature realm but the camera has no vital, and simply records what is within its frequency range. When you go home and develop your photographs (digitally, I hope: that way you can take lots of photos and it is not expensive to view them), you will often find a mist or an orb or an image. No, something is not wrong with your camera…you have captured a nature spirit on film! Send it to us to post on the web.

Transformation Rock Here’s a photo I took of a large rock that has the image of a raven’s head on it – it is called Transformation Rock and is sacred to the Sailish people of Western Canada.

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