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Here is an interesting three-stone combination to be used as a gem elixir. The intention of this is to create a tonic which healers (professional and non-professional) can use to amplify their abilities, neutralize negativity, and to open up higher levels of consciousness.

There are quite a few methods in creating an elixir. For Grandfather Buffalo’s instructions, click here.

The first ingredient is a Herkimer Diamond, which is really a quartz. Herkimers energize and enliven the body, while stimulating psychic abilities. They offer a link to higher guidance, and attune the consciousness to the highest spiritual levels. A herkimer diamond clears the chakras and opens up channels for spiritual energy to flow. It allows for a gentle release, which leads to transformation and the identification of the soul’s purpose. Using a herkimer diamond in a healing session can clear EMFs and radioactivity, detoxify the body, eliminate stress and tension.

The second stone of this elixir is Smokey Quartz. While it works to ground and anchor, it also works to raise your vibration. Considered to be an antidote to stress, smokey quartz helps to maintain equanimity. It gently neutralizes negative energies, filling the space with positivity. A detoxifier, it helps to let go of things like fear and depression that no longer serve a purpose. Smokey quartz promotes concentration and resolves issues in communication.

Finally Golden (yellow) Labradorite is added to the mix. This could be substituted with regular Labradorite, if needed. It is a bearer of light, raising consciousness, and deflecting unwanted energies away from the aura. When doing any sort of healing work, labradorite forms a barrier between healer and the energies that the client may release. When used personally, it offers a link to esoteric knowledge, and aligns the physical and etheric bodies. In addition to the herkimer diamond, golden labradorite also helps to access one’s spiritual purpose. It also amplifies psychic abilities. Banishing fear and insecurities, labradorite restores faith in the self and trust in the will of the Universe. It dispels illusions by going to the root of an issue and revealing the truth behind related thoughts and actions. A stone of transformation, golden labradorite contacts the highest levels of consciousness, bringing in higher wisdom. It amplifies visualizations, clairvoyance, and channeling.


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