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LOGOS, a Greek word, is defined as a word, wisdom, speech, or that which conveys meaning. This can be in thought or vocal. Logos is feminine in nature in its original usage. In Greek, wisdom is called Sophia. In Hebrew, she is called Chokma and holds the second position in the Cabala, or Tree of Life. This blog is limited in scope on that subject. What we are interested in is the Logos or the wisdom of God. It is said that she was the first created of God and was before all things.  So Logos Divine wisdom separated from God (think big bang), a division into Father/Mother. She then with God’s direction created/formed all things by her speech. This is a very simplified introduction, not a theological or critical analysis. It is my truth.

Having introduced Logos (wisdom) let us consider its evolutionary path that it often takes. As we said in the last blog, throughout time truth is evolving, often changing from its original meaning. Sometimes it is forgotten, hidden, or later revived. So is it true of Logos in its long and historical path to present day time. Logos moved from the Divine Feminine to envelope Jesus as the Logos. Change is a part of the evolutionary process.

Logos in its highest form then is concerned with God, but as a part of our creation we were distilled with a lower form of Logos which no other part of creation received. Also, consider that all life, animate and inanimate, has a consciousness so we are connected to one another. Our ability to think, create, and to manifest our thoughts into things beneficial to our existence has been an evolutionary process bringing us to our present moment.

We have passed through a period of matriarchy – feminine leadership, through patriarchy – male leadership and as we are seeing today, we are slowly moving into a more harmonious Masculine/Feminine relationship, one that expresses a unity of the Spirit of Equality. Because of this evolutionary process, we have become something we were not, but were intended to be. We need not look outside of ourselves for answers on any level. There is nothing that is not known. The Akashic record shows this very clearly. The many advances of technology is proof of that. Many great inventors have awakened in the night with answers – ideas and inventions coming in their dreams.

We now see the pendulum swinging to a more balanced position. Logos is centering us on the right path, a world path to global harmony. Maybe not tomorrow, but it is ahead of us. We are looking at a time when Masculine/Feminine are equal in their energies at a higher level. When Male/Female genders are equal in stature. I challenge you with the power of the LOGOS to move towards that goal.

Stones to help to Move Logos

Lapis Lazuli – Stimulates the higher mind. Brings honesty ,compassion and right action to a higher level.



Labradorite – A stone of transformation, helping one through mental changes, and the acceptance of truth as it changes in you.

Azurite – Help to bring old truths forward for retesting and assisting in possible changes to those truths which logos presents.

Malachite – Enhances intuition and insight.

Sodalite – Enhances new insight and the power of manifestation.

Chevron Amethyst – Enhances intuition by bringing it out into clarity.

Apophylite – A Stone of Truth. Bringing forth clear insight as well as stimulating your intuitive self.

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