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Tabby Quartz

Tabby Quartz has two large flat sides (faces) and two thin sides. This particular quartz specimen has the ability to compact its energy to a higher vibrational frequency. It will help the energy to flow, and will help to bridge the chakras.

Tabbys are dimensional bridges, matter and spirit connectors, inner and outer body connectors, and strengthen all forms of communication.

Here is one way you can work with a tabby: lie down on your back. Start by placing the tabby on your head, between the crown and third eye. When these two chakras match in vibration, move the tabby to between the third eye and throat chakra.

Eventually, you will proceed through the chakra system, adjusting all the chakras so they are able to communicate with each other, in balance. However, this usually takes many sessions to work through this process. In between use, rest the tabby on some sea salt overnight, to clear it of any energetic debris it has absorbed from your energy field during the adjustment period.

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