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Suzanne Schwartz - water faces

Suzanne Schwartz – water faces

Congratulations to Suzanne Schwartz for her very clear photograph of Nature Spirits who live at the falls in Glacier, Washington. That is quite a collection of rock spirits, each with their own very distinct personality!

Suzanne wins first prize in April’s Nature Spirits Photo Contest! She receives a $50 gift certificate to the Crystal Life website.

Hanneke Francois - Water Elementals

Hanneke Francois – Water Elementals

A close runner up was Hanneke Francois’ Water Elementals. What marvelous, impish faces were formed by the shadows of trees in water.

We invite you to join us at our Nature Spirits community page on Facebook. Here you can post your own nature spirit photos – and perhaps win next month? The contest for May is spirit images in flowers…post your photos on the Nature Spirits Facebook pages or send to photos@crystal-life.com


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