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Gemstone NecklacesWhat you surround yourself with in everyday life affects your energy, your mood, your future, and the lives of those you come in contact with. For good energy – don’t wear insulting tee-shirts and clothing with jarring designs. Surround yourself with products that inspire and elevate. 

Crystal Life Technology specializes in providing positive energy tools and products for your benefit. We pay close attention to every step of our production process.

Let’s look at the stones you’ll find in most of our products

Harvesting Affects the Energy of the Gemstones

Gemstones formed hundreds of thousands if not millions of years ago. Esoterically, rocks are the solidification of spirit into solid earth energy. They represent the start to the creation of solid form and are the base upon which other life begins to take form. Theirs is a life of service to keep specific forms of energy stable for use by other beings. They are very content when they are being collected and harvested to work in specific ways.

Stones depend on other life forms to be moved about and shaped for specific functions. They work best when treated with respect, at every step of the way. 

Polychrome JasperI hand select all the stones at Crystal Life. When I shop the various mineral shows, I am watching the energy of the stones I select. I like best to work with a number of companies who do their own harvesting with respect. I can bring their stones into my store and put them right out for purchase. Other times, if I really need a hard to find stone but can only find it from some less aware source, I body dowse whether it is a situation that can be corrected with my staff and myself clearing and loving it back to health; if so, I’ll acquire the stones, knowing my staff has some extra work to do.

Stones have the same issues as humans – they are affected by the way they are treated.  Unfortunately, sometimes, as with all life forms, the stone has not lived in the best of circumstances. It may have received harsh treatment in its mining and post-mining existence, in preparation for market use. Post-mining abuses include efforts to make the stone more “beautiful” via heavy irradiation, heavy dyeing, and heavy stabilization. My heart is filled with sorrow for these poor beings, but I pass on purchasing them as rehabilitation is not my job. My job is acquiring the best possible energy tools for my customers. 

Elestial Quartz

Elestial Quartz

The one exception to this process is my purchase of crystals like quartz, smokey quartz and rose quartz who have “dings.” These crystals have been injured in the regular living of life. Therefore, they can be very powerful warrior stones – excellent for use as a recovery stone for someone or someplace that has suffered a loss or hurt and is struggling to recover. In these cases, a warrior stone is a powerful asset. I will frequently recommend working with such a crystal for this purpose. Elestials are especially effective in this regards, for they are working on many planes of consciousness at once, and like us, not every plane is in good shape!

Stones Want to Work with Us

Stones respect and appreciate the opportunity to work with humans. This is whether they are being cut for use as building components or as beads for jewelry. They are eager to be of service and work really well when the humans assess the stone energy and apply the right stone for the right use. For example – marble is a traditional building material for temples and courts because people sense how compatible this material is with a cool, detached love of knowledge and justice. And rose quartz is the top qualified crystal to keep around when you are seeking love and compassion for yourself and from others.

Rose Quartz Earrings with Bezel

Rose Quartz Earrings with Bezel

Each stone contributes its own specific energy to earth and to human development. An educated purchaser is a boon to all society because they add their wisdom to the collective consciousness. To help you learn, Crystal Life has provided you with the following opportunities:

  1. Each product listing has information about its components and design.
  2. A Crystal & Gemstone Dictionary to help you learn more about crystals
  3. Expand your knowledge when you access our Library, especially: Crystal Collections, Crystal Grids, Crystal Lore and Crystals 101
  4. Instructive videos at our Crystal Life YouTube Channel
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Stones and Jewelry

You can purchase stone jewelry from Crystal Life that has been paired with silk, stretch cord, silver, steel wire, brass, copper, jewelers metal, cotton cord. Each method of holding stones in place has its own values and shortcomings and it depends on what you want from the stone as to which method you choose. We will cover how different stringing and production methods affect stones in another blog.

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