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Known for its ability to promote joy and chase away the blues, sunstone is also known  for it’s ability to heighten intuition, and clear hooks in your etheric body. This stone clears all of your chakras and acts as an antidepressant. Do you know someone who suffers from the blues during the winter months? Carrying or wearing a piece of sunstone can help improve their mood and disposition.

Sunstone is a stone for leaders, enhancing organizational skills and the ability to act in accord with higher will. Sunstone will help you to get enthusiastically to work and stop procrastination. If you are a pleaser, carry sunstone to help you learn how to say “no” and learn to set healthy boundaries. 

Use sunstone (yang, male energy) with moonstone (yin, female energy) to balance yin yang energy. Place sunstone on the right side of your base chakra, moonstone on the left, and their energy will help to harmonize the male and female currents of kundalini energy. 

Using Sunstone to Cut Emotional Hooks

Hooks occur on the subtle levels of your existence. They can be found in your aura and in your chakra system.  Hooks drain your energy, keep you attached to people and situations you have outgrown, so that you cannot move forward in your life. Work with a large piece of sunstone to help clear these hooks.

Hold the sunstone in your left hand and get used to its energy for a time. Sweep the sunstone, still in your left hand, around your body, focusing on the joyous energy of the stone. This will help to release the hooks and seal your aura with healing light. Move the sunstone to your right hand and sweep from head to feet. 

Sunstone Fairy Pendant

Place the sunstone over your crown chakra. Ask for assistance in releasing any hooks and replacing that energy with divine light energy. Move the sunstone slowly behind each ear, asking to release any hooks and to fill that void with divine light energy. Move the sunstone over the crown chakra, asking once again that any hooks be released and replaced with divine energy. Do this repeatedly as you move over the remaining primary chakra centers, always going to the crown chakra in between each. 

Affirmation for each chakra: I release all connections that no longer serve me. Return all hooks to source and heal where they were attached.

Cleanse your sunstone deeply after doing this practice. 

Folklore | History

The ancient Greeks believed Sunstone was a magical talisman to attract prosperity and good health. 

Helps the immune and autonomous nervous systems, throat, cartilage, muscles, and joints.


Sunstone is a member of the Feldspar family. Sunstone produces flashes of light. This flash is caused by an optical phenomenon called aventuresence. 

Astrological Association

Cancer, Moon in Aries, Moon in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn, Moon in Pisces

Chakra Association

Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Cleanses and activates all chakras.

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