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Crystal Life StorefrontOn the Store:

“I can only offer a brief review of this store, because it is a wonderland of crystals and stones. Why brief, you may ask? It’s because I am very sensitive to the energy of crystals, and after about 5 minutes, I am overpowered and have to step outside. But in my two brief visits, interspersed with rest stops on the sidewalk in front, I saw a wonderland of crystals, books, jewelry, and divination tools.

“Crystal Life Technology offers items for the experienced (me) and the novice (also me), beautifully displayed and easy to understand. If you have questions, the staff is knowledgeable and more than willing to explain.

“One thing I found here, that I have never seen anywhere else, is a well-written explanation of sacred geometry. Although I’ve heard about that for years, I’ve never really understood what it meant. Crystal Life Technology gave me a small brochure on the subject, which I still have.

“You can buy crystals and stones here just because they are pretty, or because you want to take advantage of their energetic properties. The staff is not overbearing.

“This really is a beautiful and, for its size, complete little shop. I highly recommend anyone stop by and enjoy the experience, and maybe purchase a few crystals to use for their energetic properties”…Yelp.

“Whether you are a stone enthusiast, a New Agey type or just someone shopping their way down Third Street, this place is worth a peek. They boast quite a variety of stones, some loose, some set, as well as things like statues of Buddha and Ganesh, incense burners, and Tibetan singing bowls. A peaceful place to check out and reattune your senses!”…Yelp

“A beautiful, bright, shop with the cleanest, purest energy about it. This shop has a diverse selection of stones, crystals, jewelry, books, CDs, totems, labyrinths, smudging supplies, wall hangings and decor, shamanism goods, mala beads, incense, and other delightful items. The staff is helpful and highly informative – whatever you need, I’m sure they’ll have some interesting input for you. They also offer classes/workshops/talks every now and then for which they humbly ask only a small donation. Their website is excellently maintained, and includes shopping, an online library, and events. The merchandise here is a little pricey, but for the quality and service, it’s more than worth it. I’m so lucky to have a shop like this with such a wonderful community behind it! I love Crystal Life Technology!” K.R., Villa Park on Yelp.com

“Now, I’m sure most people are not visiting this place for the same reason I do.  They have a wonderful collection of crystals and stones, nice jewelry, but me, I like to stand in the front and play with the wind chimes.

“The tones of the wind chimes are most melodious.  I loooooooooooove wind chimes and this particular brand is music to one’s ears, I believe it is Corinthian, sold by scale.  They are beautiful to listen to.  They can get pricey depending on the size.  However, this is a most relaxing store to visit.” Lois B., Downers Grove, on Yelp.com

“I drove all the way from Chicago to visit this store, because my regular spot is closed on Mondays. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Awesome selection of small stones in a shelf kiosk and if you walk around the store, there are more stones/crystals in different sizes and little cards to explain what each of them are. I was able to find almost everything I came for!” Brianna A, Berwyn, on Yelp.com

“Crystal Life is a gem of a store found in the Fox River Valley town of Geneva. Whether you are beginning to learn about subtle energy, or have many years of experience, their very knowledgable staff is pleasant and very willing to assist you in finding the perfect piece for your needs.

“I love their Saturday morning classes, and their outreach groups. They seem to have a small selection of books, but what they do have invites in different levels of consciousness growth. Nothing controversial, most every thing at Crystal Life is based on providing you the information, and empowering your own personal journey on the spiritual path.

“I’ve read that others think their malas/prayer beads are pricey, but I have to say my experience is that their knotting is superior to other malas that I have purchased and have already fallen apart. I especially love my amethyst 108 count prayer bead/mala. The stones are of exquisite quality, and have a very nice energy.

“After inquiring I found that all of their bead work is done by local energy workers, these aren’t pieces created overseas. These products support the local economy, making them worth the price for their quality, workmanship, and contribution to the job situation in my locality.

“The stones are nicely cleared and have very high vibrational levels. Their staff is comprised of different modalities/different types of energy workers so depending on the day you visit you may be working with a Reiki Master, a Native American Shaman, or someone else with an equally interesting education/background.” – T.P, on Yelp.com

“Lovely ‘rock store’ on north end of Geneva’s shopping district – conveniently located by Starbucks.

“If you like stones/rocks – it’s a great place to stop by and browse.  You can find fun inexpensive gifts – for example, a heart shaped rock in a velvet bag for Valentines, or a Christmas stocking.

“I would say the feel of the store is serious – if that makes sense.   What I mean is – while I might say it’s a stone/rock store, I suspect the owners perception of what it is, is much more.  They provide classes and tools for things like sacred geometry, and other spiritual paths – so it’s interesting to poke around and learn a bit about things that you may not come across in a typical store.

“They do a nice job of merchandising, in a bright and airy feeling store.  I think it’s worth a walk thru, and  maybe you’ll find a polished stone that speaks to you for some reason.

“Would I recommend:  Yes – it’s really a lovely place to stop, and is one of our regular stores to stop in at.  Kids love to pick out a stone.

“Would I return:  Well, yeah!  of course.” – Dawn M, Ottawa, IL on Yelp.com

“I always enjoy exploring this shop! I see something different every time I’ve gone in there. All the staff members are wonderful and very knowledgeable as well!” …Melissa L

“After going to your store and talking with you and the people who were working, I feel much more confident in my own skin! Love and light surround you always,” J. A.

“I was in Geneva two weeks ago and Victor, a member of your staff, helped select a crystal combination for me that is more than perfect. I love what you guys do and have so much respect for the store and your staff.” …Sean P

“I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful information you share and the great products you offer.  Your knowledge is very much appreciated.” …Elaine P

“I cannot stop thinking about what occurred and occurs in Crystal-Life, it was my great honor to meet you and work with your people.” Aria N

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am for your store and services. My brother lives in your community, and he has cancer. I introduced him to your store when I came down for a visit, I live in Wisconsin but I found you on the web. He has purchased crystal from you and last week had a wonderful opportunity to meet the owner and get her book. Thanks for being in the community and spreading healing to all.” ..Nancy P.A.

“Your store looks fabulous and has such great energy.”  BJ

“I love your store and have purchased several chip necklaces and pendants.  When I wear the different stones, I feel wonderful, spiritual and spread the word about your wonderful store.” VP

A 6’4″ yoga student/budding teacher visits us on occasion. He came in the other day – mind you, it was 22 degrees Chicago weather outside – and was walking about barefoot because, he said, our store was a holy place and he was offering it his respect! I was very touched by his bhakti (devotional) attitude towards our stones and yoga products – and very glad to discover his shoes by the front door, as I had a yogi friend much like him, long ago, who used to walk barefoot outside in the middle of winter, to show his respect for Mother Earth!

On the Website:

Hi Wonderful Person, I forgot to write down your name but I want to thank you so much for the help and patience you gave me in finding healing crystals for my Britney Ann’s collar.” …Carol P

“Spoke to a lovely person…Your company is so personable–thank you for your concern regarding my order.  I look forward to my pieces–I already have my eye on two other items!!!  Many thanks!”  …Mary R

“I am really impressed by your newsletter and website. I have spent most of the morning navigating through it rather than working! as one of those energy newbies you referenced, I am hungry for additional information and explanations and look forward to additional.”  …Tracey C

“My gosh, what a lovely website! A class act, if we’ve ever seen one!” …Kathleen C

“Thank you so much for your Sage Smudge Stick! It’s awesome and smells to wonderful! I will be back for some crystals.” …Romona

“Thank you for your great products! I will be a faithful and dedicated customer to you.” …Theresa P

“Your chakra chart is AMAZING! I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time! Thank you!” …Renee

“You make and sell beautiful, useful, really helpful things.” …Keith R

“I think your website is outstanding –just full of good things. I loved all I saw. I liked the person mentioned for Feng Shui and the jewelry and on and on and on.” …Donna

On Social Media:

On a newsletter: “What a beautiful and clear message you have sent here. I thank you on behalf of all who read it whether they understand it or not. You have planted a wonderful see to understand.”…LC

On “Hidden in Open Space” YouTube video – “This is really great! I love the whole thing, the way it looks, the way it sounds and the way it communicates your ideas….Thanks for being here…”…Jeff C

“Thank you for creating the sequenced newsletters on the chakras.  I love them and use them in my teachings.  I have many malas, some from you, that I wear and enjoying teaching their meanings to my students.  Thanks again!” …Marie F

“This is the best newsletter ever… Thank you for this wonderful letter, it completely resonates as truth with me.” Marjorie

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