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There is no doubt that our world is in extraordinary turmoil now, between social upheavals and earth changes. The question for each of us is: how are we to adapt quickly to these changes, and to assist our selves, our loved ones, our community and our world. There are times when staying centered and holding strong are needed, and times when staying centered and swaying with the flow are needed. We need the oak

Onyx Prayer Beads

and the willow, the bear and the snake, black onyx and green unakite, power and peace, stability and flow.

We also need to keep returning to center, so that we can readjust, bend, flow, and are able to act in strength from within the lines of change themselves.

Commonly available stones to work with during times of change are unakite – the stone of change from within earth stability; and the calcites – stones that keep clearing debris from our energy fields so that we have the energetic freedom and free will to adapt.

Look through your own personal collections of stones and jewelry to find any items of unakite and/or calcite. Bring them forward, give them a good energetic wash, and start using them.

If you don’t have any, visit our website and do a search for jewelry and stones of unakite or calcite. Our energy jewelry that includes a maroon ceramic catalyst bead is also good – the energy of that bead helps us change and adapt.

You can “sit” with these stones, holding them in your palms so that you pull in their energy to clear and strengthen your own.

If you have unakite and calcite as jewelry, start wearing them again. Don’t forget to honor the stone energies for their assistance to you; this strengthens your own respectful adaptation to that energy, and also encourages the stones to be more active themselves.

Also, be sure to give the stones some rest if you are working with them strongly, and clear them as well. These are not stones that do well with a salt bath – they are soft and can disintegrate – so either put them in a glass bowl that is resting on the salt, or clear them by passing them through incense (sage, cedar, sweetgrass, sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense are good incenses for this), or place them in the moonlight, or on a bed of soft moss (either harvested in the wild, or available from a craft store or florist).

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