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The ungrounded and whirlwind nature of incoming solar flares is unsettling to many people. It is felt at different distances from the earth, as the magnetic pull of the flares affects the earth’s own magnetic field.

sunflaire gridMany sensitive energy workers are unable to function the way that they normally do – they do not quite have the stable ground they normally have. 

The best option now would be to ground to your heart center. We have developed a fairly quick and simple grid to offer some assistance while navigating these spacey rapids.

Incorporating sacred geometry into a crystal grid is an excellent way to enhance its properties – this design is representative of the octahedron. This geometric shape is that of two four-sided pyramids, connected at their base (imagine a four-sided pyramid sitting on top of a mirror). The top point is connected to universal Source energies, while the bottom point connects to the grounding earth energies. When using this shape in meditation, it is suggested to visualize yourself suspended halfway between these points. The perimeter of the octahedron is a square that is level with the heart chakra; this has a stabilizing effect.

At the uppermost point of this grid lies a piece of blue kyanite. It brings tranquility as it serves as a transmitter of the incoming high frequencies. As a result of these solar flares, we can be left with a bit of a muddled mind; confusion is easy to come by, and then frustration. Kyanite cuts through these states of being, stimulating the higher mind. Many times we are stuck in our heads, and being a throat chakra stone, blue kyanite clears blockages in the said location. This eases communication between the mind and heart.

Also bringing in tranquil energies, kunzite sits at the bottom point of the octahedron. It opens up the heart chakra, and radiates peace. This, along with the blue kyanite, allows for the incoming energies to flow down the throat and settle into the heart. There they are stabilized and dispersed throughout the body and energy field.

In this grid, the cross design in chiastolite signifies the heart center. Amongst change, remaining centered in the heart is key. It sometimes feels as though we are in a washing machine, spinning around in a chaotic mess. If you are able to center yourself in your own energy field, you will find peace. It is a matter of relativity (like a fly in a car). Chiastolite aids us in times of transition, releasing old and obsolete patterns. It also transmutes dissension into harmonious cooperation.

Protecting and grounding the heart, there are cubes of pyrite on either side of the chiastolite. The pyrite will bring you into an understanding of your own abilities and potential. As it lifts anxiety, self-worth and confidence are able to rebalance themselves. The cube shape, although not necessary, contributes to the overall stabilizing effect of this grid.

Clear quartz is an amplifier of energies. Because of its crystalline formation, clear quartz is capable of balancing energy. As discussed in previous grid blogs, it is important to remember that the energies you are working with have free will. Creating a grid locks energy into a specific pattern. Placing a quartz point through the wall of the grid allows the energies to move in and out as they please, acting as a doorway or portal.

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