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Here are tree spirits I photographed one dawn and one dusk during my Olympic Peninsula, Washington State, exploration. These beings live along the Spruce Burl Trail, located at Beach One on the tip of the peninsula. The question many people have is – are these figments of an active imagination – or real beings?

Toy- old-elf

Here an elf has crafted an image of himself in wood. He called my attention to his presence.

There have been traditions in many cultures, going back eons in time, in which highly respected individuals have stated that trees are able to communicate with them. We let ourselves believe this in cases such as in the Lord of the Rings trilogy when the Ents pick up their roots and come to the aid of the earth. Many of us are familiar with the Druids and the Celtic Pagans, who have shared their rich tradition of conscious trees with the world. Images of the green people come from their tradition, and are a favorite plaque today to hang on the wall – or on an outdoor tree.

Horned Being - by Atala Toy

Here is a creature you might see in a scary dream – except…look at those buck teeth and wide smile!

In that great medium of mass communication – Facebook – there are a growing number of sites set up by people and groups who, like myself, are able to see and communicate with trees – and are photographing them for others to see. The ability to see tree beings is becoming more common, and accepted.

Disney Figure - Atala Toy

This friendly fellow is about as large as the Disney balloons one sees at a New York Thanksgiving Day parade

The question now is: how are these images being manifested? I am told, by the trees and the devas of the forest, that these images are formed in a number of ways. There is the dynamic urge of a tree itself, to make visible some message: a story it has encountered, an energy it wants to embody, an earth grid it is helping to ground and hold in place for all of earth.

Yellow Lady - by Atala

A bright yellow lady facing right, with a large bun and wearing a large hat

There are trees that are canvases for nature spirits and devas who wish to express something and are working through the medium of the tree. There are special trees – council trees, grandfather trees, grandmother trees, nodal trees – who embody in their own being a special purpose. A council tree has many different types of nature beings portrayed. This is because these are the nature spirits who hold court to hear petitions and pass judgments on matters brought to them by their constituents.

Spruce Trail - by Atala

The trail overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Twilight.

The sign on this Spruce Burl trail says the park service doesn’t know how the burls were formed, but feel it might be a virus of some sort blown in on an ocean wind; or it might be some sort of an insect infestation. Whatever the cause, some of the trees, and nature spirits, have made use of this process to shape the growth in specific ways. Their sense of time is different from ours, and they have no problem fashioning an image over decades of human years.

For myself, the test of whether an image is connected to a real life form is – does the tree image have the ability to communicate with me? Is it embodying a conscious energy who can communicate? I may have to surf a bit through the various planes of consciousness to find the frequency on which this being resides, so that I can communicate. But once located – the communication is there.

Some areas, as below, are holding different types of earth energy, to help balance our world. Here are a discordant negative area and a peaceful positive area, residing next to each other and cycling energy very well. Both these energies are necessary, and if one was destroyed – the ability of the area to clear energy would be seriously hampered.

Negative Vortex - by Atala

The negative vortex area. Notice the disarray of fallen trees.

Spruce Trail vortex - by Atala

Early morning sun at the positive vortex area.

Here are some other interesting tree beings from this area. I’ve found that once I find one tree with an image on it – it is wise to look around that particular tree to see if it has manifested any other energies….and then see if there are other trees with images in the vicinity. I have found that very often a special area may have many trees with images. The devas tell me this is because certain of the devas are more interested in this type of work than others.


Remember those old cartoon images of a fellow peaking over a fence, with only his head and two hands showing?


This feminine burl is decked out in an ivy dress


Whispering – one tree is whispering into the ear of another


An exotic slant-eyed spirit


The masked crusader…


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