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It is important to love and nurture your mind, body, and soul. This is essential to one’s spiritual well-being. You would not go without eating just as you should never starve yourself of spiritual nourishment. Why not give yourself a Spiritual Spa Day? Here’s one spa program you can try.

spiritual spa day

Start by giving thanks – for all of your experiences of the week, positive and negative (both provide valuable lessons) – and then release any negativity. Next, make a cup of tea, sit in a quiet place, sip it slowly, and gently quiet your mind. Then take a nice, tranquil salt bath (use one of the organic salts such as Kosher, Dead Sea or Himalayan) to cleanse any negativity that may be attached. The warm salt water also relaxes your body and helps prepare you for meditation. After the bath, put on some comfortable clothes. If it is possible, try to make sure there are no distractions, so that you have a serene environment. Now you are ready to select your crystals.

When choosing crystals, use your intuition, or if you would prefer, base your choice on your needs. For example, if it has been an emotional week, Rose Quartz is good for self-love, Blue Lace Agate is good for calming and relaxing, and Citrine is good for cleansing and energizing.

No matter what technique you use to select your stones – intuition, dowsing, seeing what pulses out towards you, reading the qualities of the stone in a stone book – be confident that you will always choose what is best for you. Once you have selected your crystals, begin your meditation.

When you begin the meditation, you may elect to sit, or lie down, whichever is most comfortable. At this time, you set the intentions for your meditation. For example: “I am a gentle soul; please fill me with love, peace, and harmony.” Inhale deep through your nose, and exhale through your mouth; do this 3 to 4 times. As you inhale, imagine a beautiful cleansing white light purifying all of your thoughts and emotions. As you exhale, imagine your angels taking any negative thoughts or emotions up to heaven for cleansing. Just let yourself relax, and let your thoughts flow. It is okay to fall asleep; if dreams occur, or if there are any messages, record them for future reference. At the end of the “Spiritual Spa Day,” it is wonderful to feel re-energized and prepared for the new week.

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