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There are many great visionaries who were working on the idea of sound healing decades ago, before our modern world was ready for this concept. The effect of sound on matter was written and published in a book by Galileo Galilei in 1632. One of the scientists to pioneer the research of the effects of sound on matter is Dr Hans Jenny. The Swiss doctor titled this field of science Cymatics. This word is derived from the Greek kuma meaning billow or wave, to describe the temporary effects that sound and vibration has on matter. Inspired by his predecessors and armed with modern technology, he was able to prove his phenomena and move this field in action. Dr Jenny stated, “Everything owes its existence solely and completely to sound.” Sound is a factor that holds everything together, a basis of form and shape. I am reminded of the universal bible verse, “In the beginning was the Word…”

Currently, Dr Leonard Horowitz, a leading genetic biochemist researcher, states that there are six core frequencies that are able to transform and repair DNA. Broadcasting the right frequency can open your heart, promote peace and healing. Thus, the door to the field of Cymatic Therapy has been wide open. The use of tuning forks, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and Tingshas, therapeutic sound and drums, are among the tools that are used for sound healing.

Crystal bowls, because of their piezoelectric properties, are an excellent conductor of sound. Crystal bowls are made in many sizes, the bigger they are the more sound lingers. The sounds of the crystal bowls are made to align with our chakras. There is one for each chakra.  When the bowl is struck and then followed around the rim with a mallet, the sound it emanates can have 8 to 12 notes. 

Yolanda Lozano, a local crystal bowl healer, states that many issues such as; severe headaches and migraines, chronic fatigue, mind chatter, healing after surgery, crabbiness and having trouble sleeping can be cured by crystal bowl healing sessions. In her words, ” The sound and vibration actually dissolve pockets of energy accumulated in the body from the trauma of surgical procedures.  It softens the tissues and allows the lungs to breathe deeper, and we know that when we breathe deeper, our entire energetic field expands and we naturally halt stress.  Women at the Living Well ( Geneva, IL) and Edward Cancer Center ( Naperville, IL) tell me that their recovery process is much more gentle after surgery and chemotherapy.”

The vibrations from the sound of the crystal bowls are able to balance the frequencies in our bodies that are in a state of imbalance. The imbalances can be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. The effect of crystal bowl healing also has a profound influence in becoming more conscious and spiritually aware, it also helps you connect to your higher self and purpose in life.  Each bowl and sound resonates differently in every individual, as we are all different people with our own different issues. The issues have a different cause or origin. We might not all have a headache because we fell and hit the same part of our head. Some might have a headache because they did not get any rest, others because of a mineral deficiency or allergy, and so on.

One of the wonderful uses for crystal bowl healing is when autistic children participate. As their minds are already in an expanded state, they are able to interact with the frequencies of sound without the limitations of our physical bodies. They can become peaceful and centered during a session.

Many crystal bowl healers state that playing of a crystal bowl not only expands our awareness and opens our hearts, but also invites the frequency of helpful beings.  When participating in a crystal bowl healing session, it is best to lay down on the floor on a mat or in the comfort of a massage table.  Next, relax your muscles, your mind and be open to the experience. It is not uncommon to experience the kundalini rising, or be able to expand your inner vision.  Whatever the gift of sound you receive, it is yours to enjoy!


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