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Humans have the potential to be very sensitive to various energies. When an environment is in discord, we can certainly sense it.

There are a million ways to balance energy, but one of the most simple and well known is burning sage. The Native Americans have used this practice for many generations, long before the science behind sage was discovered, a sacred practice known as Smudging. Burning Sage releases a negative ion which attaches to positively charged free radicals therefore purifying the air. On a physical level, this removes things like allergens and dust.

Energetically, smoke cleansing neutralizes patches of negativity. Many people end the clearing process with just burning sage. However, it is wise to replace this emptied space with a positive energy.

You can use various kinds of incense, or use a crystal grid to fill the space with a specific energy. As an alternative to Sage, burning Palo Santo wood both removes negative energy from a space and replaces it with a positive frequency.

Smoke Cleansing Procedure (Room/House):

  • If cleansing an entire house, start in the basement or the lowest level.
  • It’s a good idea to make sure all doors and windows are open.
  • Light sage so that it burns like an incense stick would, and carry it in a bowl or abalone shell.
  • Start in a corner and use a feather or your hand to waft the smoke up and down the corner of the room.
  • Start to make your way around the room in a clock-wise direction.
  • If you come across a window or doorway be sure to make a complete clockwise circle around it before continuing.
  • Repeat these steps for every corner and window/doorway.


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