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Elf King, Sir Larkspur of White Rock

Elf King, Sir Larkspur of White Rock – winning image – by Jeff Winget

A portrait of the Elf King – Sir Larkspur of White Rock – is the winner of our Nature Spirit Photo Contest for May. The photo was taken by Jeff Winget.

May’s contest was to present a photo of a flower with personality – a flower that embodied an image of some kind.

It was a  hard choice – we have many fine photographers in our Nature Spirit group – located on Facebook. But this larkspur definitely has attitude and is a very fine wizard! Jeff wins a $50 Gift Certificate to Crystal Life…

Jeff is the brother of Onna Donovan, one of our regular “visual storytellers” who posts on the site. Nature spirit photos seem to run in the family!

Here are some other flower photos that were especially appreciated this month.

Onna Donovan took a lovely photo of a dragon….hmmmm..same era as her brother’s image…!

Dragon Head - Onna Donovan

Dragon Head – Onna Donovan

Kazuyo Nancy Nishikawa - Samurai Warrior

Samurai Warrior by Kazuyo Nancy Nishikawa (see the shadow the bee cast)

Kazuyo Nancy Nishikawa took a photo of a bee on a peony and, she tells us, “I strongly feel my guardian ancestor from this picture. My father’s side of ancestors were samurai warriors. I notice a shadow of samurai wearing a helmet and holding a sword inside of a flower after I downloaded the photo in my computer. I know that a bee and a part of flower made this shadow, but it seems just like a shape of the samurai to me. I am so glad my ancestors are always by my side.”

Lisa Skornia took a photo of a tulip whose interior, others on the site commented, looked like a small nativity scene.

Lisa Skornia - Nativity Scene

Nativity Scene by Lisa Skornia

Congratulations to all these participants…and all the many others…it was a colorful and graceful contest!

June’s contest is more robust – go out into nature, form a request to be presented with an answer to some specific question your have, then ask the nature spirits to present you with a rock that provides an answer. A Vision Quest rock. Present the photo of the rock and the story. The best image/story submitted in June wins the contest…and a $50 gift certificate to our parent organization, Crystal Life Technology (www.crystal-life.com)

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