Let’s do a journey to the Inner Earth, or as the Native Americans say, the Lower World.

There are some things that you will need. You will definitely need a drum or rattle. Anything hollow will do if you do not have an actual drum, although the true drum will work more efficiently. If you do not have a rattle, a container of Tic-Tacs, an aspirin bottle, or a box of stones will do.

ShamanAs an option, you may use a head scarf or a bandana to cover your eyes to prevent distractions. You may sit comfortably or lay down, it is the American way.

Now if you cannot drum or rattle, have someone do it for you. The journey will take about ten to fifteen minutes in all.

Here is the journey process.

If you have someone drumming or rattling, start with three sets of four beats (1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4). This is both a send off to initiate and a call back to end the journey. So relax, either sitting or lying down. Take three deep breaths and enter into the Lower (Inner) World entrance, which can be experienced as a cave, tree root, or body of water. Follow this path downward until you see a light ahead of you. Approach this light and step into what some traditions call the Lower World and other traditions call the Inner Earth.

What do you see – a forest, valley, or another scene? If there is a path, follow it to wherever it leads. Calling inwardly, ask for a spirit guide to assist you or for a Power Animal to come forward. Speak to the guide or animal, asking if he/she is your guide or Power Animal. Do this three times. If the life form shows three times, then this is true. Ask any questions you may have at this time. Thank him/her.

When you are finished your conversation with your guide/Power Animal, or when you hear the callback (four beat), begin the return journey and come back into your room.

Now write down the journey experience and see what you have learned.

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