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The Shamanic Journey is an inner voice process which enables one to access information from alternate dimensions or planes. This technique has been used for thousands of years by all indigenous cultures or other societies. Today, many of the journey techniques have been brought together into one unit by such people as Michael Harner and his book “The Way of the Shaman.”

First let us look at the tools of the Shamanic practitioner. The drum and the rattle are the most important ones to use. Both are used to bring one’s consciousness to a more subtle state which allows one to travel to the alternate dimensions. The drum is the Shaman’s horse upon which he travels, while the rattle is a quicker route.

We have the tools, so where do we go? There are three basic destinations into which the Shaman (or ordinary person) travels to. You do not have to be a Shaman to do this. You will go to either the upper, middle, or lower worlds. Let’s look at each one individually.

The Upper World

The upper world, as suggested, is above us. In your journey to the upper world, you will visualize a very tall tree, a mountain pathway going upwards, or see yourself on the back of a bird. When you reach the upper world,  you will come to an area that feels like Saran wrap. Push through, and you are there. In this world, you will connect to higher spiritual beings such as angels, Ascended Masters, or others of higher consciousness. You may ask them for guidance on any subject you are dealing with.

The Middle World

The middle world is the world in which we are living, the physical world. Here we may travel on the inner plane. The middle world allows you to encounter the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom, and the devic/fairy/elemental kingdom. Any place or realm in the physical plane can be accessed again for any issue you may have. To access this realm, while there is drumming, see yourself walking into a mist, and when you pass through you are in the space you need to be.

The Lower World

The Lower World implies going down into the Earth. There are several ways to reach this realm. One way is to find an exposed tree root and to travel down it. Secondly, if you have ever been inside a cave, see yourself go into it and follow it down until you reach the lower world entrance and pass into it. Here you will encounter your power animal whom you may ask any advice you need clarity.

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