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heart handleToday, as a society, we find ourselves involved in everything. We are attached to so many things that it is impossible sometimes to separate ourselves with any degree of separation. There are social attachments from family, school, friends, co-workers, financial and many other too numerous to mention. Therefore, we end up in a ball of twine twisted and tangled to the extent that we cannot remove ourselves with any sense of clarity about these pressing situations. The statement “like attracts,” is applicable here in that we attract the same or simulacra energies and feel we are buried under them.

In order to regain our sense of self, to have clarity of mind and peace, there needs to be a detachment from these situations. Life happens and more times than not it is just what it is;  there will be ups and downs, hard times and good times. The trick is the non-attachment aspect. So how do we do that, make that separation? A Native American approach would be to say, “I don’t care. This does not mean there is no concern about a situation, but that if I do my part it will work out correctly. I will accept the outcome.”

The Healer, if he/she is closely attached to the client, must be in that situation. We want the person to be healed so we try everything to get results. The results must be allowed to come through themselves. It is not what we want, but what is best for the client. There are lessons to be learned in many healing situations. In fact, life is full of lessons that we need to learn, and this takes non-attachment.

Many times, as I have taught the pendulum, students will say, “It (the pendulum) is not moving.” They are too focused on it. I tell them, “Sing a song, or ask, I wonder what the answer will be?” They then begin to get a response to their inquiries. Other times you will hear, “I can make it say what I want it to.” Here again is the need to separate oneself from the outcome of the question. Do not think about it and allow the energies to make the proper connection.

Large Raw Rose Quartz

Raw Rose Quartz

This then applies to any situation. Do not create a wall or block, approach all situations with that sense of “I do not care.” Simply go with the flow, and allow the energies. and lessons to flow. Doing this, there will definitely be less stress. You will have more clarity and find that things seem to become easier for you. Life is still here, that has not changed, but you are riding the wave or the roller coaster with ease.

Stones to help

Clear Quartz – Will bring clarity to any situation, peace and calmness.

Rose Quartz – Unconditional love, stress removal, peace and calmness.

Red Jasper – Grounding in mental clarity,

Kunzite – Stress relief on all levels.

Lithium Quartz – Clarity, calmness, stress relief.


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