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I have worked for many years establishing means by which people can enhance their personal energy by incorporating high-energy objects into their homes and accessories. That is the founding principle for Crystal Life Technology. So I am absolutely thrilled to be able to provide you – our wonderful customers – with our own line of high-quality core sacred geometry images on useful products  – mugs, coaster, mouse pads and pendants!

4 core geometry mugs

Sacred Geometry Mugs

Crystal Life has its own top quality sublimation printing set up, which enables us to print on many types of utilitarian products. This is a special printing process that provides accurate and attractive images.

The first set of products I set out to produce was sacred geometry! The four core geometries I selected are the Sri Yantra, the Torus, the Flower of Life and Metatron’s Cube. You will find these in many parts of the Office & Home section of our website.


Sri Yantra PendantWhen you place a beverage inside a mug with this energy imprinted upon it…or place a drink on a coaster – or work at your computer with a sacred geometry mouse pad – or wear a sacred geometry pendant – you are helping to make a physical object resonate with a pure energy form that is part of the building blocks of the universe. Doing any of these things helps autonomically balance that physical object.

I’ve written for many years that what you surround yourself with affects your energy, for better or worse. That is why I always recommend that you don’t wear – and don’t purchase for your children – tee-shirts with violent images or derogatory statements. Instead, purchase objects that enhance energy.

torus mouse pad

Each of the four core geometries works in a slightly different manner. If you are energy sensitive, and place a glass of water on any of these geometries, you can feel an immediate centering and growth of the object’s energy field. When you shift from one geometric to another, you can feel this continuing, in nuances. This is because any physical depiction of the creation process can only graph so much of an infinitely varied situation.

The Sri Yantra diagrams the process any energy goes through on its way from spirit to matter – a descent into matter, and then a correcting ascent into spirit, and finally a balancing into a classic star tetrahedron.

Metatron's Cube

The Flower of Life graphs the expansion from source into existence, in a series of expanding circles (or, in 3D – merkabahs).

The Torus shows what this action of manifesting into matter looks like in action – a central column with circles of energy descending then ascending, over and over, around and around.

Metatron’s Cube is a diagram of the energy of Metatron – the architect of the universe – and contains the five building blocks of matter – the Platonic Solids – as well as many other geometric forms.

We highly recommend you try these high energy objects in your home!

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