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To be someone’s friend, you must first be a friend to yourself. This means putting your needs first and fulfilling your need for happiness. It helps to be honest about what you like to do, and what is actually being done. Do these two coincide? It helps to be honest about your feelings. Pay attention to feelings when around friends. Ask: Am I happy right now? Why or why not? Does being with this person feel good or not? If it doesn’t feel right, why?

Then depending on the answer, ask: Am I willing to change to continue spending time with the other person? If not, that is ok. If it felt good for a while and now it doesn’t, what is needed to make it better? Can it be made better? Is there a certain scenario that keeps playing out with each new friendship? What is your role in that scenario? How can that scenario be changed? If it can’t, should you chose to find new friendships that feel good?

Then there is the issue of feeling like you do not have any friends. Many people find themselves in this predicament when they are going through a major growth period, when they are changing dramatically. This is normal and is needed for the person to gel into a new vibration. When this happens, your vibration is changing and the people who you call friends may not be changing at the same pace.

With such a vibrational change, people more aligned with the old vibration slowly drop away. At the same time, new people compatible with your new vibration will start showing up in daily life. It is up the individual to take notice of the opportunities that are right there and reach out to these new friends and work on cultivating a friendship.

Some stones to help when the time feels right to reach out to friends (old and new) are emerald, jade, malachite, lapis, and watermelon tourmaline.



Emerald helps enhance unconditional love and promotes friendship.

Jade helps attract friendship. A wise gentle heart stone, brings tranquility and helps you to know that all things come in their time. 

Malachite assists in releasing inhibitions, encourages expressing feelings, and helps alleviate shyness.

Watermelon tourmaline assists in activating the heart chakra and fosters friendship.

Pick a stone that resonates and take time to meditate with it daily while focusing on friendship. These stones can also be worn as jewelry to keep that vibration in your energy field throughout the day.

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