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Respect is the essential quality that governs a person’s inherent ability to communicate with all life forms. Respect for every single aspect of the universe is a necessity when a person is practicing interdimensional communication. This person recognizes that there is only one source of all – however you wish to define the source – and that therefore all exists inside this source – respect and disrespect included. You choose what aspect of source you wish to specialize in at each moment in your life. Respect unites you with the all – even with the quality of Three Friendsdisrespect – and thus connects you to universal energy. Disrespect separates you from the all and isolates you from universal energy, eventually dead-ending.

Serious students of energy learn that respect must permeate all aspects of a person’s life.  Working with inner guides soon has you learning that they wish you to consider yourself as their equal in all group decisions, not as a robot mouthpiece for their philosophy. Working inside an organization of any type may start with a newcomer believing this is a group with respect for all; but as one learns its subtleties, there may be hidden levels of disrespect that are sabotaging the organization’s goals, and you as an individual have to decide whether you can realistically help change these viewpoints or you need to step away and spend your precious life energy elsewhere.  Entering into relationships with other people works the same way. Examining your own beliefs towards your own personal existence is also the same: do you consciously show respect to all aspects of your own body and energy – for example, when was the last time you respectfully thanked your stomach for all the work it does digesting your food?

Working with other worlds, such as with nature spirits, is also based on respect. Only in this special case, the nature spirits will simply not respond if you approach them with disrespect. There is a very serious difference if you enter a forest with the intent to cut down the biggest trees for timber and if you enter to communicate lovingly with the trees. In the first situation, the nature spirits withdraw. In the second, you meet them in the common space of mutual respect.  And in this common space, you will learn more and more and more about the universal potentials that come with mutual respect! It is in this common space that nature spirits show themselves: it is a space which I consciously enter, requesting the tree energies to show themselves so I can photograph them to share with others. I have discovered that people who understand the aliveness of nature, and respect nature, see the forms in my photographs much faster than others do. These people are already tuned to that frequency of respect!

Finally, it is always a challenge when one chooses to operate from oneness over separation – from respect over disrespect. Separation is perfectly willing to use any means to achieve its goal of the dominance of its view point – including killing, maiming and destroying whatever does not agree with it. Oneness is sometimes stymied about how to proceed, because it acknowledges the right of disrespect to exist but knows disrespect cannot be permitted to dominate the situation. And thus so many wars have occurred throughout history!

Each person is affected by many influences, including their own personal past lives, the culture in which they exist, the world culture, their family’s genetic history, the individual’s own personal decisions in this life, and also the goals of their soul family and their team of inner colleagues. Every single one of us eventually needs to re-examine our own lives, to see where personal and cultural disrespect are embedded, along with its accompanying feelings of superiority/inferiority and victim/oppressor.

This blog was originally published in 2011

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