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The following is an excerpt from Atala’s book We Are Not Alone on the importance of resonance:

In all the disciplines, ways are coming forward to affect, change, enhance and embed energy in fields. All these new (and ancient) technologies make use of the same principle—resonance— within a specifically defined field of consciousness. Sending a frequency through a field will alter it in some way, good or bad.

The Toroid

 Frequency and resonance are the interconnecting links between all worlds.

toroid-2The simple concept of toroids shows us how they work. A toroid functions as an energy coil that stabilizes an accretion of cycling frequencies. It starts as a simple pattern of rotating energy into which other frequencies are introduced and incorporated, gradually making a full, complex and integral cycle. We are living toroids—frequencies that circle intact as we move through our daily lives. Our basic toroid shape emerges from the soul, and we overlay it with multiple frequencies that bring us through the energy patterns of the heart, mind and vitality into the body. As we go through our day, we pull in frequencies from many different activities and integrate them into our body’s particular frequency range. A merkabah is also a toroid.

Our modern technology transmits information through frequency. As a society, we are not considering how our bodies and our earth are being affected by the increasing number of artificial frequencies we are creating and sending through the air. We are bombarding ourselves with multiple artificial frequencies without considering what frequency band they come from and how they interrelate within our personal environment. Cellular phones, for instance, vibrate on the mental frequency and are interfering with our brain’s functions. What must we do to adapt this useful tool to protect ourselves on these frequency bands?

Children are walking energy antennas attracting specific frequencies from the regularized appearance of specific tonal vibrations in their lives. When spirits are young and supple, they are more susceptible to frequency changes than when they get older and more set in their energy patterning. Expose our children to specific frequencies, and they will adapt their energy systems to these. They will rapidly incorporate frequencies into their complex energy toroid, where it becomes integrated into their personality. We are exposing our children to negative, destructive energies, presented to them through programs carried by our entertainment and technology industries, and then we complain when they act in the same energetic manner as the shows they are watching. This is not freedom we are allowing into our children’s lives; it is unwitting slavery to the negative forces of nature. The negative side of the spectrum of consciousness is using our willingness to tolerate these “entertainment” frequencies to do irreparable damage to our society and our culture.

We need to be more responsible about the frequencies with which we surround our children. Since both parents are working in most of today’s families, we need to be especially careful in choosing our children’s caretakers. Today caretakers are not only human; they also include machines. It is extremely important for us to pay more attention to the frequencies of television shows and video and computer games along with the frequencies of the machines themselves. Are our children watching shows whose frequency devalues the sacredness of human life? That condition our children to seek the energetic thrill of violence for violence’s sake? Do the machines themselves work at a resonance that usurps bands of energy used by other significant functions, such as the heart or the solar plexus?

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