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Reiki is a multi-faceted energy modality that works well in many areas of your life and home. The benefits of Reiki are many, helping on the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels. More specifically, it helps with relaxation, increasing energy, pain relief and clarity. Reiki can be given to people of all ages, it can be used in your environment and to help your pets.

Natural background ReikiChildren are intuitively drawn to Reiki, and it is a valuable skill for them to learn as it empowers them to help themselves and others. Whether they give it to themselves or receive it from a practitioner, it can help them with the following and more: relax before exams or tryouts, help alleviate the symptoms of colds and flu, and  calm hyperactive children.

Reiki assists in helping your parents as it helps them with life transitions such as divorce, retirement, or death of a spouse. It does so by bringing in feelings of peace and centered-ness. A good tool to help through illness, it speeds up the healing process and reduces aches and pain. Reiki works well in conjunction with conventional and other alternative healing methods.

Families include the animals who live with you. Reiki can be given to help calm them down or alternately energize the elderly animals. You can Reiki their food to increase the nutrients in what they eat. Reiki can provide pain relief to your pets.

Reiki can be used to energize the water and food you eat. It can be used to protect your home, and you can clear your home of negativity with it. Plants benefit from the energies of Reiki and become more healthy and lush.

Easy to learn and to incorporate into your daily routine, it is like an all-in-one tool for your health toolbox. Reiki can help heal your life and enhance your family’s well being.


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