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Creating grids is something that can be very enjoyable, and is certainly an effective way to do energy work.

Reiki Grid by VictorThis particular grid is composed of various crystals that can amplify and assist Reiki energy. The goal here is to have an easily accessible ‘station’ where it is possible to receive a quick clearing and boost of energy. In this arrangement there is an area to place each of the hands. This is where the Reiki is transferred from the grid to your person. In the case that you are not attuned to Reiki, it is still possible to utilize this grid concept. Ask your guides, as well as any available Reiki guide, to assist you in activating and directing the desired energy flow. If you already are a Reiki practitioner, use the Distance Healing symbol as well as asking your guides for assistance.

The main crystals included here are Apophylite to increase Reiki flow, Aragonite to ground high vibrational energies, Blue Kyanite to clear and align the body’s meridians, and Clear Quartz to amplify the Reiki and to balance any discordant energies. While there are other stones in this grid (Amethyst, Yellow Calcite, Citrine, Specular Hematite, Lithium,  Rutilated Quartz, and Black Tourmaline), the four previously listed are the staples. When gridding, it is most beneficial to “make it your own”. Use stones that you are guided to use, or whichever make the most sense to you at the time.

All parts of this arrangement serve both a separate purpose and are also a part of a larger function. The straight line running from top to bottom signifies the central channel that flows through each of us, connecting to both the Earth and Source. The outer structure of the grid is a circle. The circle creates a sacred space, or Merkabah (where there’s a 2D circle, there is a 3D sphere), in which it is appropriate to place and conducive to the light patterns being crafted. The Large Quartz points are being utilized to direct the flow of Reiki and Crystal energies. The four carved Aventurine Reiki Stones surround the grid, and offer both the properties of the stone type, and each of the Reiki symbols.

Finally, notice the outward facing tiny Quartz points at each of the four directions. These are simply serving as doorways. When any sort of energetic grid is created, different energies are being gathered and locked into specific desired positions. As beneficial as this appears on the surface, the gridder must not tack the energies down. Rather, through the use of an open path, allow them to flow as freely as they wish, as everything in the Universe has consciousness and the right of free will. The energies are not there to be controlled. This is the foundation of the Interdimensional work we are constantly engaged in. We are to remain laterally cooperative, and should resist taking on hierarchical roles. In the case of this Reiki grid, these gateways allow for the obsolete energies to move out and return to Source, while creating space for the new energies to flow in.

With intention, this grid can provide a variety of uses. The original purpose was to offer a place where Reiki could be received by those in need. As I write, I realize that this grid may also be beneficial for the practitioner. Perhaps it can be used to establish an immediate connection to the Reiki vibration, or maybe a water bowl of sorts to perform a quick cleanse after a session with a client. The possibilities are seemingly endless. The most important part is to remember to have to have fun, and to follow your intuition.

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