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Quartz crystal has a hexagonal structure and is made up of silicon dioxide (SiO2). Quartz has an internal spiral structure flowing either left or right which depends on whether it grew on the North or South side of the equator.

Faden QuartzThe energy that radiates from the crystal, whether point or cluster, resonates on a level with that of the human body. They will either amplify the resonating energy or bring it down to a harmonic balance. They are beneficial in balancing the mind in stressful situations. We have heard of Record Keeper crystals, and the question is do they hold ancient knowledge or does that quartz piece, in resonating, open up ancient information contained within our subconscious. They help to bring us into resonance with the primal consciousness energies.

The Quartz piece may be programmed with any intent, whether peace, love, protection, clarity, or other. Here is a simple program for inspiring your Quartz piece.

1. Hold the piece in your left palm, right hand covering it.

2. Hold it level with the Heart. Connect to it with the Third Eye, creating a triangle.

3. Focus clearly with a specific intent (i.e. Peace). Repeat that intent for about two minutes connecting the Quartz piece with the Heart and Third Eye.

4. When you feel the Quartz piece pulsing and a field of energy surround it, you will know it has taken the intent.

5. Now holding it in your left hand making a fist, blow upon it three times. This seals the energy of the intent within the Quartz piece.

6. This is a 28 day cycle, after that the intent will start to dissipate.

You should know that if you have no other gemstone except the Quartz point or cluster, you need no other. It will provide all you need.


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