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Quartz is the most versatile and useful of the stones. It has, throughout history, been used by medicine people to collect, transmit and direct energy.

When selecting a crystal to work with, first ask the universe to connect you to the correct energy. Then you will intuitively go to the right one. In terms of crystal science, there are a variety of factors that influence the energy the crystal is transmitting. This brochure offers a general overview.

The origin of the crystal

Quartz crystals can be as old as the origin of earth. They are grown in a liquid environment and then remain stable, holding the frequency of the earth at the moment of their creation. Their molecular structure is tetrahedronal, which means they naturally balance out everything they are placed near. The power of a crystal does not necessarily depend on its size but on its configuration.

Some crystals are 350 million years old and are sooooo happy to be out and working with humans at last!!! They are real, living life forms and can move, change and communicate when necessary.
Crystals help set the energy of the part of the earth they were born into and are known by energy workers to also hold different energies when worked with. The most common types are: Arkansas: healthy, practical, all around use. Brasil: higher frequency, more esoteric. China/Tibet: very high metaphysical-science, hard to come by. India: Very soft devotional yet high frequency. Lemurian: usually found in the Diamentina area of Brasil, a softer yet powerful crystal with horizontal lines instead of configurations, said to connect to ancient Lemurian energy. Morocco: a darker crystal, permitting one access to dark and light energies, used to control all aspects of creation.

The quality of the crystal

When consciously selecting a crystal, a crystal worker will look at its specific configurations (character), its quality (opaque, translucent, inclusions, etc.) and whether it is whole or has nicks from handling (which may make it more preferable, depending on proposed use of it)

Inclusions affecting the crystal

Quartz crystal will look different in color due to the mix of other minerals (inclusions) in the original liquid. These affect the crystal’s frequency. In addition, mineral dealers will sometimes heat the crystal or layer other minerals on it, which affects its structure and use. The major natural colors of quartz are: Amethyst (purple, wisdom); Aventurine (green, health); Citrine (yellow, emotions); Clear (most universal use); Morion (black, entering the unknown); Other colors (strawberry quartz, etc.) used variously as per its aspects; Mineral Occlusions – Asbestos, Chlorite (chlorite is used as a healing substance); Rose Quartz (pink, heart & love); Rutilated Quartz (strands of other substances, upping the power of the stone in its area); Smokey Quartz (grey/brown, for relieving negative energies); Tourmalinated Quartz (strands of black tourmaline, very powerful for dissipating negative energies); Snow quartz (actually quartzite, softer type of quartz); White Quartz (milky in look, bringing universal compassion into the crystal)

General crystal types

Clusters. Symbolizes individuals working/living together in harmony, trust, cooperation. Excellent for clearing small stones, jewelry that are placed on them. Excellent placed in common areas especially in the area you want to energize.
Double terminated. Any crystal with a point on both ends. Balances energy by connecting any two polarities. Helps free you from group mind & to become self-empowered.
Geode. An enclosed crystal system, often an agate on the outside with a type of quartz on the inside. Examine the stone configurations for more information. They help harmonize the energy in a room. Tiny ones can be placed over an area of the body to draw out imbalances, hurts.
Shaped (point, pyramid, globe). These have been done by humans to focus the crystal energy for a specific purpose.
Single terminated. Most common. Crystals separated from a cluster or have grown one way on a substance or matrix. Directs energy in one way.
6-sided. There are usually six sides to a crystal, in keeping with its tetrahedronal structure. Any deviation creates a different energy and use.

Crystals of different types growth

Artemis (Diana). Long crystal with sharp undamaged point resembling an arrow. Helps one to be strong, independent and to be good in competition.
Cathedral Quartz. No upper dividing line between at least one of its faces & sides (triangular upper point then straight down). Often has a receiver crystal shape on opposite side. Helps establish constant connection to the Earthkeeper. Large crystals buried deep in earth, usually a single snowy or milky point. Guardian and protector of that area of earth, resonating and setting that particular area’s energy.
Elestial. Smokey, burned look with tabular, rounded terminations and craters over surface with markings believed to be cosmic alphabet carrying information on universal laws not originally of Earth-origin. The foremost interdimensional communication stone. Jacare (Alligator) is a type of elestial with a more pronounced design and extracts energy blockages as well.
Generator (Merlin, Projector Crystal). Crystals terminating in 6 faces, all coming to a near-perfect point at the top center of the crystal. Can be very tiny to very large. Generate and project energy. Used to recharge other stones & crystals, to set the energy in a room especially a healing or meditation sanctuary.
Herkimer Diamonds. Only from Herkimer County, NY. Small, exceptionally clear, double terminated, barrel-shaped quartz crystals. Non-conformist powerhouses, helping us establish our own type of individuality.
Laser Wand. Resemble a wand, from very tiny to several inches, with 3-sided or slightly rounded points, usually not especially clear or attractive, a bit battered looking. DO NOT POINT these at anyone when examining; they direct energy and should be used only very consciously, for healing or psychic cutting and sewing of energies.
Left Handed. Quartz with an extra face on the left side of the larger face of the crystal. Means the crystal spiral within the crystal itself flows naturally to the left (can’t be seen). More receptive for energies of the left (feminine, yin, psychic, intuitive). Helps integrate right brain activities.
Life Path (Beauty Way). Long, thin crystals with one or more totally smooth sides. Helps you find, stay on, return to your path.
Master Channeling. Crystal with seven facets (sides). Helps you receive information from your teach masters.
Master Matrix (Master Programmer). Has most, if not all, of the currently know geometric shapes etched or engraved naturally somewhere on or inside the crystal. So powerful it hides itself, often unattractive
Mythic crystal. Double terminated snow quartz. Helps you move back & forth in history to access and explore the great myths and to explore and comprehend your own personal myths.
Needle Crystal. Long, clear, extremely thin and narrow (4xlong as wide). Used by healers to direct energy, on acupuncture points.
Osiris. Any naturally dark smokey quartz generator crystal. Channels energy from 7th chakra to lst chakra; descent of spirit solidly into matter.
Picture Window. Slightly rounded, naturally water-tumbled quartz with one end sliced off so that you can see into them, taking you into the inner meditative worlds. The naturally tumbled ones are stronger than the machine-tumbled ones.
Right Handed. Quartz crystal with an extra facet on the right side of the largest facet of the crystal. Energy flows naturally to the right. Helps activate the logical, intellectual, verbal, yang left brain and to deal with ego problems
Quantum. Three or more quartz crystals of equal or nearly equal size & length, naturally joined together. Have the power to influence probability waves – the probable outcome of a situation
Scanner. Crystal with one or more wide flat sides, often snowy looking. May also be a tabby. Used to scan energy systems. Impressions you receive are retained in the scanner so that you can more easily reaccess them. Helps to unwind energy knots.
Scepter. Crystal with younger overgrowth capping its termination, with phallic connection. Connecting to royalty, authority, whether spiritual or material.
Scrubbers. Crystal clusters of anysize whose points are all of even and nearly equal length. Used to energetically scrub down the energy around (not touching) an object. Needs to be cleansed often.
Self-Healed. A crystal severed from its original matrix and then later new solution poured in over and it grew new crystals over the break. Good for those who need to heal their own wounds.
Shard Crystal. Flat, broad slice of quartz that form in layered plate-like masses, either sheared off from original source or formed that way. Very soothing, useful in layouts. Helps you accept situations/self as you are.
Snow Quartz (Quartzite). Softer energy, supports one during lesson learning, helps maintain cooperation & tact.
Tabular (Tabby). Crystal with a flattened tabular shape, two of its opposite sides twice or more as wide as other sides. Communication experts, bridging and peacefully, productively integrating between all types of energies
Wand. Any crystal with a wand shape to it. Can be used to direct energy. Be careful…do not direct it somewhere unless you do so intentionally.

Crystal attachments/joinings

Abundance. One large crystal with individual smaller crystals clustered at/around its base or sprinkled along one or more of its sides. Helps you become more comfortable with your own personal beliefs about abundance.
Barnacle Crystal. Many small crystals covering or partially covering a larger crystal. Helps with community/family issues, provides cohesive group energy, comforting after loss of love.
Bridge (Inner Child Crystal, Penetrator). Grows out of a nother, larger crystal. Bridges gaps, brings things together. Helpful on personal level and to communicate new ideas to group, public.
Companion. Two crystals entwined & partly growing in each other, or small crystal growing our of the main crystal; nurturing, supportive during difficult times, helps recognize how one partner can healthily support the other.
Cross. One crystal at right angles to another. Removes energy implants, facilitates spiritual studies
Dolphin. One large crystal with a much smaller, shorter crystal fastened securing to its side. Helps you know you are cherished by the universe. Excellent to cure insecurity, for babies, to connect to water spirits, for dreamwork.
Drusy Quartz. A surface dusted with very small micro-fine crystals. For soft, gentle exploration of self or any topic, tones down excessive yang energy.
ET Crystal (Extra-terrestrial). One point or termination on one end and several or many teminations on the other. The entrepreneur’s stone: good for helping unite many energies into one focus, and for splitting one energy into many paths. Helpful to connect to the many life forms of the universe emanating from the one source.
Inner Child. One or more crystal partially embedded in another crystal, as a parent cradling a child. Excellent for anyone “growing” something new, as in a business, child, etc. Protects, nurtures, helps you contact your own inner child.
Library. Crystal with newer flat, stubby crystals plastered on outside surface, contains information of general nature.
Manifestation (Creator). Larger crystal with a small, completely formed crystal totally inside it. For visualizing anything you want to bring in/manifest in your life. For fertility of any sort.
Muse. Cluster of nine crystal of similar size and length, connecting to the nine muses and creative energies.
Record Keeper. Crystals with a geometric symbol (often, not always, a triangle) naturally etched on its sides. Often not visible without looking for them. Often appearing and disappearing as you need them. Contain stored information accessible only by those who are at the same energy frequency as the information. Only these people can access & interpret the information. Very personal crystals. Conveys information which may be practical, not spiritual.
Record Keeper (Etched). Looks as though hieroglyphs have been etched on the sides, connecting to ancient and galactic civilizations and to your own past lives, for healing.
Soulmate. Two crystal of equal length growing side by side. Represents anyone with whom you have a deep connection, not necessarily pleasant. Also to unite different aspects of your own self.
Spiral Quartz. Distinct twise down its axis. Help maintain balance, draw universal energy into body, useful in kundalini.
Spirit Guardian. Two double terminated crystals of equal size growing side by side. Helps you remember you are never alone and always protected.
Spirit Quartz (Nodule). Drusy growing over a nodule of quartz; represents spirit affecting matter.
Tantric Twin. Crystals who share a common base but with two separate and distinct terminations, not necessarily of same size. Helps you with human relationships of all kinds & to allow and strengthen the presence of your soul mate in your life.
Trigger. A crystal of any type with a smaller crystal on one of its sides near the base. When pressed, the smaller crystal trigger fires a focused burst of energy through the termination. Often used in healing modalities.
Twin Flame. Two crystals of similar but not equal length/size, joined either at their base in a V shape or at their sides. Helps you attract people whose spiritual evolvement is compatible with yours…on a platonic rather than romantic level.
X Crystal. Two crystals naturally grown together, helps you balance and dynamically act on various options. Yang energy.
Y Crystal. Two crystals naturally grown together. Good telepathic communication tools. Symbolizes the right and left hand paths, and crossroads. Yin energy.

Crystals with occlusions/refractions

Devic. A crystal of any shape with multiple internal fractures & occlusions of trapped water, air & gases. These occlusions are sometimes called veils and faerie frost. Connects you to the devic nature spirit realms, to communicate & help them with their work for Earth.
Faden (Hera). Self-healed crystal. You can see the line where it was broken and healed itself. Excellent for work with personal problems requiring healing and going on. Some are also Growth Interference Crystals.
Phantom Crystal. Crystal that grows completely over another small crystal, appearing wispy and ghost-like. A crystal that stopped growing then at a later time began growing anew, following the old outlines. Help those of us likewise stopped. Multiplies the energy of the stone many times over.
Rainbow. Any form of quartz that naturally flashes rainbows when turned in the light, usually at an occlusion point. Reminds you to see the natural beauty all around you at every moment. Promotes happiness, hope, optimism, respect for all life.
Selene. Crystals with rounded inner occlusions reminiscent of various phases of the moon (whose ancient name is Selene). Helps you connect with your yin, reflective, intuitive qualities.
Teacher. Shapes and forms inside crystals, resembling humans, animals, and changing shape at different times. Helps you connect to the information from your teachers. Also can be Buddha/Guardian crystal.

Crystal cut outs & damage

Comet. A crystal with a number of tiny crater-like indentations on one or more sides ending in a spray brailing behind, like a comet. Helps you locate and control the tremendous power & energy rushing towards humans from inner, spirit worlds.
Crater. At one time it had one or more other crystals growing attached, now missing, leaving a crater-like depression. Helps you to detach & let go – as of people, jobs, ideas – and to continue go on as a whole individual.
Gateway (Aperture). Cup-shaped depression large enough to hold liquid, for making elixirs and scrying into other times/places.
Key (Aperture). Indentation that narrows as it penetrates the crystal, often 3 or 6 sided. Provides doorway/portal to hidden parts of self/energy/universe.
Tube. Has natural troughs running along the side of the crystal, helping healers to direct energy.
Warrior and Empathic Crystals. Crystals that have been mishandled & badly treated at sometime in their lives and now have broken parts. Warriors are less damaged; they help us overcome our own damages when we still have the fighting spirit. Empaths are severely damaged and nurture those whose issues have caused a collapse of confidence and the ability to cope.

Crystal faces/facets

Channeling Crystal (7-Sided Crystal). 7 lines making up one of its faces with a perfect triangle directly opposite this face. Helps you to focus and move through inner space to locate and transmit information.
Personal Power (Merkabah). Three faces meet at the top point and three small triangular faces intersect between them, where the sides meet the top. Signifies personal power being held in proper place by spiritual power. A very powerful combination for metaphysical work.
8-faceted. Regenerates the balance of spirit & matter. Helps with abundance, communication with guides.
Isis (Goddess) Crystal. Any crystal with at least one 5-sided face. Primary goddess stone, for men & women linking to and being protected by the yin aspect of source. Good dream stone.
Shovel. Face and shape look like shovel. Helps one shovel through details to get to core and apply it to situation.
Numerological. Any & all crystals with clearly defined facets. Count the lines creating the outline of each face, add them up, reduce to a single digit. You can then access and utilize more efficiently the power of the master number of a crystal.
Receiver. Quartz crystal with one broad, upward-sloping face. Used by healers to draw out, move, receive energy, often combined with a generator. Helps you to be more open to new concepts & ideas.
Receiver-Generator. A generator crystal with one face sloping inward more than the other five. Simultaneously receive & project energy. Good for telepathic communication.
Time traveler (time link). Parallelograms which by their incline offer you windows into the past or the future.
Transmitter. Crystal with two symmetrical 7-sided faces on either side of a triangular 3-sided face. Helps you consciously connect to higher dimensions for specific purposes.
Window. A diamond shape in the center front on its faces, often making it a 7-faced crystal. Serves as window into other dimensions while helping you balance the energies as you work with them.

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