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Quartz with Chlorite

Quartz Pendant - with Chlorite Inclusions

Chlorite in Quartz Pendant

Quartz with Chlorite is a powerful healing combination. The chlorite works to cleanse and detoxify, while quartz amplifies this healing. This is one of the best crystals to use when wishing to do a cleanse and a reset for the physical body. 

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May 2018 Staff Favorite

I love these stones as they have such a warm, comforting, community healing presence. Chlorite are those tiny specks of green mineral sometimes scattered through clear quartz. When you see this – you know you are in the presence of a collective life form who has gathered together to create harmony and restore wholeness.  They look tiny – but in their dimension they are very large and powerful! Their guiding principle is the restoration of harmony – this can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. When they live inside balancing, aligning quartz – the group creates a loosening of negative issues. This ranges from unblocking your creativity to loosening up and dissipating anger and hostility to the ability to remove unwanted energy implants and to fill the resulting void with healing energies. ~ Atala



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