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Unakite Bracelets, Anklets | Gemstone Therapy


Gemstone Therapy Unakite Bracelets and Unakite Anklets provide you with the stable energy to move more easily through change of any type.


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Gemstone Therapy Unakite Bracelets and Unakite Anklets for Change are part of Crystal Life’s Resonance® – Jewelry with Purpose® crystal healing jewelry. USA handcrafted by our own local artisans on flexible steel cord with sterling silver closures. Bracelets are 7 1/2″; anklets are 9 1/2″ (medium size) or 10 1/2″ (large size) of petite 4mm beads. Other sizes available by special order at no extra charge. For more information visit and our Gemstone Dictionary

Unakite gemstones help you to remain stable within your central core while moving through change, such as is occurring everywhere in the world right now. Unakite is very useful when people around you are in turmoil and you need to stay centered, and to energetically protect yourself when you are in the presence of fluctuating electromagnetic fields such as cell phones and computers.

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