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Stromatolite Specimens


Stromatolites are fossils, formed from the transformation of a living organism into a rock-like state. Therefore, stromatolites are excellent for loosening up our own “fossilized” energies and permitting us to move forward in new ways. It is very useful for you, when seeking to change, to keep a piece of stromatolite somewhere significant to your personal process – either at work, by your bed, or in a pocket. 


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Stromatolites – Their Biology

Stromatolites are sedimentary rocks that originated from the layering of cyanobacteria – single-celled photosynthesizing microbes that live in moist areas such the shelves of rivers and lakes and moist soil. The layering of these microbes eventually concreted into the layered beauty of these stones. 

According to the Indiana University research, stromatolites have been an extremely important part of earth’s development into an atmosphere capable of sustaining human life. They state that “Bacteria, including the photosynthetic cyanobacteria, were the only form of  life on Earth for the first 2 billion years that life existed on Earth.”  Their research tells us that “Although simple, cyanobacteria were ultimately responsible for one of the most important ‘global changes’ that the Earth has undergone. Being photosynthetic, cyanobacteria produce oxygen as a by-product. Photosynthesis is the only major source of free oxygen gas in the atmosphere. As stromatolites became more common 2.5 billion years ago, they gradually changed the Earth’s atmosphere from a carbon dioxide-rich mixture to the present-day oxygen-rich atmosphere. This major change paved the way for the next evolutionary step, the appearance of life based on the eukaryotic cell (cell with a nucleus).”

Stromatolites – Metaphysical Properties

Stromatolites are very soft, soothing stones reconnecting you back to the primordial state of earth, the first forms of life, and your own past lives. Excellent for seeing, physical and psychic.This stone helps relieve stress, rehydrating the body with base zero point frequency of earth’s origins. Stromatolites, like all stones, work through a homeopathic-like manner of identification on a cellular level. Like identifies with like, permitting our body system to autonomically self-correct. 

Types of Products Available from Crystal Life

The patterns of stromatolites are beautiful, flowing bands of energy. We carry stromatolite in a variety of forms, including as specimens, jewelry, spheres, bookends and wands.Products are hand-selected by us, and available in limited quantities, as shown per the list of products on this page.


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