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Crystal Grid | Stress Management


This Stress Management Grid is excellent to place in your home or office, enabling you to assemble proper energy tools for these difficult times. The base of this is the Creation Mandala, on which you place four peridot with a magnetite center. You can purchase this as a unit, or the separate pieces.


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Stress Management Grid

This Grid is available as a complete unit. You can also purchase any of the parts, should you already have some of the ingredients. Note: the grid uses 4 peridot stones, so you need to indicate you want four, if ordering separately.

The base of the grid is the Creation Mandala. This is a sacred geometry image that represents creation coming into being from spirit. On it are placed four olive green translucent tumbled peridot stones. Peridot is known as the healer’s stone. It is very useful in securing your energy in a positive way. The center is a piece of magnetite, or lodestone. Magnetite grounds your energy deep into the core of earth. The combination works thusly: You are connecting to spirit before it manifests as matter, securing it to be balanced, and locking that balance deep inside the earth. This combination helps you to grab hold of the stressors in your life, and bring them under control.


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