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Quartz Wands and Lasers


Quartz Wands and Lasers can be natural or shaped. Sometimes a wand will be slightly shaped, such as rounding one end. Some quartz designated as points are also wands or lasers. 


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Quartz wands and lasers are particularly useful for directing energy. Psychic surgeons will sometimes use these tools in their work and they are excellent in grids and layouts.

Some of the designations that we carry, as available, are:

Brazilian Lasers have very subtle energy, either Atlantean or Lemurian (Atlantean energy has triangles – “libraries” that may be dormant and appear only when energetically accessed and is more mental in orientation while Lemurian has parallel striations and is more heart-centered in orientation)

Brazilian Micro-Needles – very tiny, useful for very detailed energetic “surgical” work

Chinese Mini-Lasers, double terminated – very subtle energy, direction can go either way

Brazilian Lasers – mostly Atlantean, some Lemurian

Lemurian lasers – Lemurian energy

Brazilian Wands – good working, pointed wands, natural, may have softly hand-shaped ends.

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