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Petrified Wood Specimens

Petrified Wood Specimens are distinctive in its fine patterning. Petrified wood is a transformation stone; it helps you get rid of fossilized ideas so that you can move forward with your life.

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Petrified Wood Specimens

Petrified Wood is now in the stone family but it began as a living tree or plant. It is ancient wood that has been replaced and hardened by another mineral, usually chalcedony or quartz.

Petrified wood helps to unlock energy, and to transform it: to remove petrified ideas that block progress. It helps unlock information about past lives. Excellent in business and scholarly situations.

Wear or carry petrified wood when you need support. Petrified wood helps you to see the soul gifts your life challenges have to offer, while releasing all that no longer serves you

Petrified wood is a transformation stone; it offers meditative access to past-life information. Gives insights: why a disease occurred, lessons to learn. Helps atrophied body parts. Provides for strength in all areas of your life and is also a stone for grounding.


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