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Moldavite Specimens


Moldavite is excellent for communication with the higher self and life in other dimensions. This is a crystal of karmic transformation. If you are interested in connecting with Akashic Records, moldavite with help you download this information. This is a powerful stone. 


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Moldavite Specimens – Raw

Various sizes.

Moldavite was formed when a meteorite struck earth, metamorphizing surrounding rock and creating a strew, with no crystalline structure.

Place moldavite on your third eye when meditating. It will help you to connect to the highest planes of consciousness and to become one with the cosmos. 

January 2018 Staff Favorite

Moldavite is a high vibration stone that connects you to your guides who can assist you with spiritual growth & clear blockages.  Moldavite will put you on the fast track to change, clearing out what no longer serves you & bringing forth new opportunities. ~ Sandi

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