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Mer-Isis Brass Pendulum


These brass Mer-Isis pendulums are the most powerful therapeutic pendulums available. The smallest is excellent for working on a cellular level and also with nature energies and elementals. The mid-size is good for regular health. The largest is is the strongest and is excellent for getting deep into body energies. Due to its strength, this pendulum is effective even in the hands of inexperienced practitioners.


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The Mer-Isis pendulum, when rotated clockwise, energizes the body; counterclockwise, it can calm the nervous system. This shape, based on the shape of the Isis pendulum combined with the Mermet pendulum, is found by some to be effective in relieving pain and strengthening the immune system. It emits white, gold and violet, the most healing colours of the spectrum. It is effective even when used by beginners. Self-clearing.

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